Sheldon Adelson Attempting to Block Oakland Raiders Move to Las Vegas, Team Still Poised to Migrate to Sin City

December 22nd, 2016 by Jon Sofen

Sheldon Adelson is doing what he does best: protesting to get his way.

Unfortunately for the billionaire, his temper tantrums don’t always work in his favor. Take, for example, his fight to criminalize online poker in the United States. That hasn’t exactly worked out so well for him.

Sheldon Adelson Oakland Raiders

Sheldon Adelson is trying to block the Oakland Raiders from moving to Las Vegas, but his efforts appear to be a failure. (Image:

Now he’s trying to use his power to either get exactly what he wants or prevent the Oakland Raiders from moving to Las Vegas. The casino mogul originally appeared to be the person who could bring the NFL team to Sin City.

He was all set to invest millions of dollars, along with Clark County tax revenues, for a state-of-the-art stadium. But Adelson is now backing down. He wants the county to chip in more money or he will refuse to hold up his end of the bargain.

Initially, many NFL pundits thought the Raiders move to Las Vegas would be impossible without his blessing. That doesn’t appear to be the case at all. Mike Florio, an NFL reporter for NBC Sports, says the team still intends to move to Las Vegas, with or without Adelson.

In fact, on Sunday Night Football on NBC, the broadcast crew announced that league circles said the team is “definitely” moving to the desert city.

How the Team Can Move to Las Vegas

Whether Adelson is involved in the deal or not, the Raiders must get the approval of at least 74.9-percent of the league’s owners. There are 32 NFL franchises. That means at least nine teams will have to vote against the move, should Raiders owner Mark Davis decide to relocate the team.

If the casino mogul backs out, Davis will then need to find another investor or a group of investors. According to those close to the owner, he doesn’t feel that will be a difficult task.

Clark County has vowed to increase taxes on tourist destinations to pay for a large portion of the proposed new stadium. Las Vegas doesn’t presently have a viable place for an NFL team to play.

Its only non-high school football stadium, Sam Boyd Stadium, hosts University of Nevada-Las Vegas college games, but is only about half the size of most NFL venues. The Raiders won’t be able to rely solely on Clark County for funding. Davis will need another investor to pay for a large chunk of the expenses.

This is What He Does

Adelson owns the Venetian, which boasts one of the top poker rooms in the world. But many poker players refuse to play there, because of his crusade against online poker. Also one of the top Republican donors, the billionaire does everything he can to convince lawmakers that internet poker is the devil.

It’s not working, Sheldon.

14 Responses to “Sheldon Adelson Attempting to Block Oakland Raiders Move to Las Vegas, Team Still Poised to Migrate to Sin City”

  1. vj says:

    On December the 15th, Clark County Commission Chair, Steve Sisolak tweeted:

    Had a great meeting today with the Raiders and the Adelson family. Both are working very hard to finalize a complicated deal.

    I don’t think Sheldon is the kind of person to be in, out, in, out, in, out on a whim and is used to hammering out details on large scale projects. If you watched the Special Session voting, there were plenty of times when it looked like the deal was dead. I just think the old saying applies;. Making sausage isn’t pretty. Neither is negotiating a multi billion dollar project.

    What is your reasoning/sources for the above accusations?

    • JMack says:

      Man that’s a lie the NFL nor did NBC reporters say the Raiders were moving to Vegas you Shill !!! STOP the lying Please !!!!

  2. Desert Rat says:

    The deal is dead without him. If there were other investors to be had, the deal wouldn’t be contingent on the county subsidizing it so heavily.

  3. Ira Naiditch says:

    I am behind the Raiders move, 100%. I hope the new Las Vegas stadium also serves the UNLV Football Team and is close to campus. Las Vegas can support the team and it will become the #1 destination of any NFL football team, for the opposing team’s fans. If it is truly about the Fans, the league will vote “YES!”

  4. Barnett Sturm says:

    The stadium is almost certainly a money loser, if it ever gets built. The economics are impossible and anyone with the least knowledge of finance can see it. I have always believed that this was a plan to put pressure on Oakland to provide a stadium that got out of hand.Davis and Adelson have been desrcibed as friends. That local and state politicians would allocate what with road upgrades is well over a billion dollars just shows the strength of Adelson’s money. As for the politicians, Teddy Roosevelt once claimed a politician had the backbone of a chocolate eclair, seems an appropriate description.In a town of 2 million people without a major medical center and at the very bottom of school funding and a bottom tier university wasting money on a stadium that will continue to bleed funds is a crime.

    The best thing that can happen to help Sisolaks future is the stadium is never built and he can blame it on Adelson or Davis.

  5. Vaiders says:

    It is a great move, not only does Davis get the Vegas market, but he gets L.A. also without paying for it, Raider fans from Southern California travel well, and they already come to Vegas for fun, this will merge the Vegas and L.A fans together and be the greatest move in the history of sports since the Dodgers moved to L.A.

    Raider fans in Vegas can’t wait.

  6. Vaiders says:


  7. vj says:

    If the Raiders move to Las Vegas it will catapult them to THE WORLD’S team. The NFL wants to expand it’s reach, what better way to do it than locating a team in one of the top International tourism destinations of the world?!?!?! It’s going to be “yuuuge”!!

    Mark is cementing his legacy with this move. And creating a future to compliment the Raiders storied past. This is going to be much bigger than people are expecting.

    If Adelson backs out, which I don’t think he will…..there’s no shortage of money out there. Steve Wynn has said they should be arrested if they let this opportunity pass by. The Fertitta’s just sold the UFC for 4 billion so they’re flush with cash. Those operators KNOW bringing an NFL team to town changes the dynamics of the Fall Season for Las Vegas. Super Bowl LV in LV. What a sign uh? 55 in Roman numerals is LV. Its happening.

    • JC, Grand Island, FL says:

      I sure Hope the deal goes as planned…..I am looking just as forward to UNLV being able to build their Brand as well as building of Raider Nation Fan base

  8. JMack says:

    VJ I guess we all have to dream nothing like a dream until you wake up and reality smacks you in your face riiiight …

  9. David autobee says:

    Great work for sprinkler fitters…..669

  10. Foggy crabs says:

    I’m so tired all this BS…I wish people would report honestly, truth is this is in the hands of the owners; if Adelson backs out it’s done, Davis and Spanos were also going to Carson City…if you think billionaires became that way by allowing businesses to make stupid moves then you obviously don’t know business, and anyone who claims LasVegas is a better market than the Bay Area is also stupid; it’s LA all over will work for a few years then you will be playing at a empty stadium not to mention Las Vegas is getting ripped off…750 mill for a stadium in a city that needs sooooo much more but We shall see; until something happens then listening to NBC or whatever other news media outlet says is garbage…plain and simple

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