Sam Greenwood Wins PCA $100K Super High Roller, Cashes Main Event

Sam Greenwood Wins $100K PCA Super High Roller, Cashes Main Event

Sam Greenwood had a pretty good weekend at the 2019 PCA in the Bahamas. The Canadian shipped the $100,000 Super High Roller on Saturday for $1,775,000. And then on Sunday he also secured a cash in the $10,300 Main Event.

Sam Greenwood 2019 PCA

Sam Greenwood rarely looks as confused at the poker table as he did in this pic at the 2019 PCA. (Image: Twitch)

A couple of days earlier, he cashed in the $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship (49th for $69,100). Suffice to say he’s satisfied with his play to start the new year.

At the Super High Roller final table, he was the beneficiary of an ill-timed bluff. Stephen Chidwick, holding ace-high on the river shoved all-in minus one chip, but ran into Greenwood’s nut flush.

What Was He Thinking?

Chidwick’s play was interesting, to say the least. With Steffen Sontheimer sitting at only eight big blinds and eight players remaining, he took a huge risk that didn’t pay off. It’s tough to run a bluff when your opponent is holding the stone-cold nuts.

He was eliminated on the next hand and finished in eighth place ($236,720). Sontheimer laddered up one spot and to earn an additional $65,000.

Chidwick is one of the best players in the world and has over $21 million in lifetime cashes. So, the $65,000 hit isn’t a killer to his bankroll. Sometimes you look like a genius when you bluff, other times it costs you a chance to win a tournament.

Greenwood, however, was thrilled to have induced that bluff. He won a big pot that helped propel him to the second biggest win of his career.

$100,000 PCA Super High Roller Final Table Results

  1. Sam Greenwood (Canada) $1,775,460
  2. Henrik Hecklen (Denmark) $1,284,260
  3. Jesus Cortez (Spain) $828,560
  4. Chris Hunichen (USA) $627,340
  5. Talal Shakerchi (United Kingdom) $485,340
  6. Igor Kurganov (Russia) $378,760
  7. Steffen Sontheimer (Germany) $301,820
  8. Stephen Chidwick (United Kingdom) $236,720

Shakerchi, a wealthy investment manager, is also having a great PCA. He finished eighth in the PSPC ($509,000) and now fifth in the Super High Roller ($485,340).

PCA Main Event in the Money

Sam Greenwood made it through Day Two of the $10,300 PCA Main Event on Sunday. But he started Day Three Monday with a small stack (55,000). He rallied early in the session which began at noon ET to around 145,000.

Pierre Calamusa of France was in the chip lead at publishing time with 1,500,000. The tournament drew 865 entries and will pay its winner $1,567,100. If Greenwood, who now has $14.6 million in lifetime cashes, were to pull off another title at the PCA, he’d jump into 34th place on the all-time money list, just ahead of 2015 WSOP Main Event champion Joe McKeehen.

The top 127 players in the PCA Main Event get paid and the tournament was down to its final 79 early Monday morning.

Notable Eliminations

  • Kristen Bicknell (82nd for $20,980)
  • Kenny Hallaert (86th for $20,980)
  • Ryan Riess (88th for $20,980)
  • Robert Mizrachi (90th for $20,980)
  • Shaun Deeb (115th for $18,460)
  • Joe Cada (121st for $17,620)
  • Bryn Kenney (123rd for $17,620)

Christoph Vogelsang, Chino Rheem, Andre Akkari, Mike Leah, Matt Berkey, Byron Kaverman, and Maria Ho were among the players still standing in the Main Event early on Monday.


Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


antonis32123 wrote...

One of the most important hands of the FT was when Greenwood raised J1O fromthe BU when they were3 handed , SB folded and Cortez with QQ just flatted and didn’t reraised . Then a flop 9QK , giving Greenwood the straight and Cortez , who liked the traps/bluffs , now he was the one trapped for real and lost at least 400K$ . I believe Greenwood would have folded with a strong reraise .
Also Kurganov ,very unlucky withhis 1010 vs Hunichen’s 88 , 8 on the turn , 8 on the river quads for Hunichen .
Congratulations to all , especially to Greenwood for the victory and an amazing game .

akmost wrote...

What a player , he is always present and runs deep. I remember a hand against M.Kanit in $25K Platinum Pass , he block bet turn against Kanit and after the showdown they discussed it a little bit. I was watching this hand live on Twitch , two brilliant poker minds colliding and I was watching cards up.He absolutely deserves it!

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