Ex-Heavyweight Champ Riddick Bowe Promises to KO Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian’s partnership with GGPoker divided the community last week, and caught the attention of Riddick Bowe. With tensions running high, the former heavyweight champion says he’s all too happy to settle things with an ass kicking.

Riddick Bowe

Riddick Bowe is among the players ready to dish out an ass kicking to Dan Bilzerian in GGPoker’s $100,000 freeroll. (Image: BrooklynFights)

The retired boxer is a long-time poker enthusiast, and always has one eye on GGPoker’s games. With the company’s new ambassador rubbing some people the wrong way, Bowe threw a jab on Twitter.

While some may wish otherwise, the beating Bowe threatened to put on Bilzerian is purely metaphorical.

Bowe Challenges Bilzerian at Online Poker Tables

GGPoker celebrated Bizerian’s signing with a $100,000 freeroll. Bowe was one of those taking aim at the protagonist’s bounty when he joined the festivities. Firing out a tweet, he promised to “hand” Bilzerian’s “ass” to him at the poker table.

Bowe’s fans got behind the tongue-in-cheek tweet, but there are some who have a real axe to grind against Bilzerian.

The controversial figure sparked a reaction on Twitter last week when he was unveiled as GGPoker’s latest ambassador. Vanessa Kade was among the most vocal critics of the partnership.

Kade referenced Bilzerian’s questionable social media antics and called it a “huge step backwards” for GGPoker. At the heart of Kade’s criticism is the fact Bilzerian is often pictured with scantily clad women.

Bilzerian Instagram

Bilzerian posing for one of his many Instagram images. (Image: Instagram/@danbilzerian)

Whether this is just part his social media persona is debatable, but some critics believe he’s a misogynist and, therefore, shouldn’t be representing GGPoker. Never one to shy away from a Twitter spat, Blitz hit back.

“Quiet hoe, nobody knows who you are,” Bilzerian tweeted at Kade.

That tweet only added fuel to the fire. Moreover, it caught Bowe’s attention. Spotting an opportunity to create some hype, he reminded Bilzerian that he “ain’t no champ” and said an ass kicking was coming his way.

Bowe Fires Shot

The 6ft 5in slugger couldn’t deliver on his promise, however, as GGPoker’s Bilzerian-based promotions played out online.

But, in an ironic twist of fate, Alex O’Brien did deliver a knockout blow in the $100,000 freeroll. The female poker player not only defeated Bilzerian, but everyone else in her way.

For those who feel Bilzerian’s deal is a blow for women in the game, O’Brien’s win will be seen as a fitting result. However, it’s also true that the partnership has generated a significant amount of noise on Twitter.

For better or worse, everyone from Riddick Bowe to Vanessa Kade has taken aim at Blitz. If you subscribe to the idea that all publicity is good publicity, GGPoker has made a slick play by signing Bilzerian.

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Daniel Smyth
Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America.

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