Rapper 50 Cent Has a Beef with Poker Player Randall Emmett

Rapper 50 Cent Has a Beef with Poker Player Randall Emmett Over $1 Million Debt

Welcome to Poker Twitter, 50 Cent, who gave Randall Emmett, a regular in live-streamed poker shows, a Monday deadline to pay back an apparent $1 million debt. If the money isn’t received on time, the rapper threatened he would “get ya f*****g head cracked in front of everybody.”

50 Cent Randall Emmett poker

50 Cent and Randall Emmett have taken Poker Twitter by storm. (Image: TMZ)

“Fitty” posted screenshots on Instagram of a text conversation between the two. Emmett attempted to defuse the situation by claiming he has health issues. Many, including 50, felt he was just making excuses hoping to get out of paying off his debt.

Pay Up or Else

The dispute between the former friends stems from an unpaid loan and also insults flung towards Emmett’s fiancee, reality TV star Lala Kent. The rapper caused Poker Twitter to briefly ignore the Shaun Deeb versus Daniel Negreanu flame war when he posted screenshots of a text conversation with Emmett.

50 Cent Randall Emmett poker

“Fitty” didn’t like being referred to as “fofty,” and he let it be known on Twitter.

Hashtag #fofty has become another meme on Poker Twitter. All the amateur comedians are out cracking jokes. But 50 Cent doesn’t appear to be joking around. He wants his money and if it isn’t received by Monday, things could interesting.

The rapper claims he loaned Emmett, a movie producer, $1 million six years ago and was never paid back. But he said the poker player sent him $250,000 yesterday. However, that isn’t enough to keep the bill collector away.

“@randallemmettfilms sent me 250k today but I want all my money Monday f**k that,” he wrote on Instagram.

In a text message shared on Instagram, Fitty said Randall took his “kindness for weakness.” He feels the Poker After Dark regular is taking advantage of him. But he isn’t going to let that continue.

Emmett, in an apparent move to conjure up sympathy, sent 50 a photo from the hospital. He claims he had a stress test to see if he was suffering from a heart attack.

Randall Emmett poker

Judging by the responses to 50 Cent’s posts, few followers are buying Emmett’s story. And the fans don’t feel sympathetic towards him.

Poker Community Awaits Monday Deadline

Randall Emmett is a movie producer and also a poker player. But there are many pros who don’t respect his game. And some fans on Twitter have complained about his regular appearances on shows such as Poker After Dark and Live at the Bike.

Emmett is quite talkative at the poker table and some feel his act is bad for the game. Last year at the WSOP Main Event, he entered the Rio Convention Center on Day One with a marching band that serenaded the players as he took his seat. Many felt it was annoying and were irritated by his attention-seeking tactics.

So, few on Poker Twitter felt sympathetic towards their peer. Instead, the poker community is eagerly awaiting to see if Emmett pays up by Monday, or what 50 Cent will do to him if he refuses to pay.

Daielle Anderson Randall Emmett


We don’t know if Randall will pay up on Monday. But we do know the poker world will be paying close attention.

Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


Poker Orifice wrote...

I’m puttin’ fiddy on Fofty…. or was that Fofty on Fiddy?
Either way, I’d be shocked as F0ck if ANYTHING physical came about from this.

YungWan wrote...

Nice article. I was thoroughly entertained! Wasn’t Randall Emmett the same guy who bought everybody ice cream at the WSOP? If so, how could anybody not have his back!

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