PokerStars VR Launches Worldwide on Multiple Platforms to Rave Reviews

November 12th, 2018 by CardsChat News

The PokerStars VR virtual reality poker room is out of its closed beta testing and available to audiences worldwide, with the initial reaction being largely positive according to reviews posted online.

PokerStars VR launch

PokerStars VR launched on a variety of virtual reality platforms last week, with users giving the interactive poker program rave reviews. (Image: PokerStars/Lucky VR)

At the moment, PokerStars VR is available on Oculus, Viveport, and Steam, with players needing to own an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset in order to get in on the action.

Online Virtual Money at VR Tables

The free-to-play virtual reality game doesn’t allow for real money play, at least at this time. Instead, it offers a fully immersive poker room experience that’s designed to allow people to play the game seriously while also having as much fun as possible in the digital world they’ve entered.

Players can choose from a variety of different environments to play in, ranging from an Old West saloon to a futuristic suite in Macau. Each person can pick up and look at their cards, handle their chips, and interact with other players just as they might at a live poker table. On the other hand, there’s room for silliness if you’re in the mood to have a little fun: players can bring in a variety of props ranging from food to toys and animals that can be tossed around the room while the poker action is happening.

Reviews Praise Uncommon Polish for Free Software

Many virtual reality experiences have relatively little depth to them, especially those that are free to play. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with PokerStars VR, which is earning overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam in its first few days after release.

“They made a sleek, functional poker game in VR that’s exactly what you’d want out of a VR poker game,” wrote a user posting under the screenname Pineapples. “And then they went absolutely nuts adding extra stuff to play with that’s often more fun than actually playing poker.”

Many of the comments praised the fact that the game offered much more than they would have expected from a free-to-play product.

“Even if they charged $25 for this game I would pay it,” said m4ttic. “It’s one of those rare polished titles and it’s only still in Early Access.”

Complaints were few and far between, though some players said that the prop-based interactions could sometimes be a bit much.

“There should be an option to have a table with gimmicks disabled because some people really pop off those guns and fireworks way too much,” wrote a user by the name of Avatar. “I don’t mind a little bit of it, but we’re here to play poker.”

PokerStars hasn’t yet monetized their first venture into virtual reality, though it stands to reason that the company will want to find a way to make profits from the game – either directly, or by converting play money users into fans of real money poker. For the time being, PokerStars appears content to simply lead the VR poker marketplace, much as they have come to dominate online poker.

“Poker is about interaction,” said PokerStars director of poker innovation and operations Severin Rasset. “It’s been bringing people together for well over a century. We’re really excited to invest in the next generation of the game and to give players the opportunity to meet in a brand new virtual reality dimension.”

9 Responses to “PokerStars VR Launches Worldwide on Multiple Platforms to Rave Reviews”

  1. DeN4iK310882 says:

    Wow Very interesting idea. I want to try to play 3D reality myself. It should be very intriguing. The impression will depend on how PokerStars implements this idea. I am waiting.

    • philbert says:

      This games dev’s are a bunch of sjw warriors. I got banned for like for one bad word…. let that sink in… these guys will never make money on this game. enjoy it while it last as EVERYones getting banned for dumbsht. They have max 50 people on at a time. Same people all day because everyone gets banned for little things.

  2. icnbe56 says:

    Neat idea, and it gives people the best experience. However – the catch is this is for play money only.
    I am sure lots of people will play this , but eventually they will want Real Money at the games. The extras that they have will just keep them going so long.
    After all , poker is just poker.


    wow I think this idea of ​​playing poker in 3D is very interesting, it should be fantastic this game I hope to try it soon, I do not care much if it is only with virtual money, because as we read in the article, it is very possible that Pokerstars wants to take winnings of this game hahaha wait to see what happens.

  4. whiskers77 says:

    Oh, I wished to play this so much, as I love VR and all the 3D stuff. Now I am a little bit disappointed, that they did not release it so far for the Playstation VR, as I am a new owner of this.
    Before I made some researches about other VR glasses for my work and came to the conclusion, that the HTC Vive is one of the best. But actually the PS VR are glasses are somehow more interesting, because you also will have the gaming console beside for other games. And by price they are also better, if you own alread a PS.

  5. alienat3d says:

    Wow, looks like a second born of my favorite room (meanwhile bankrupt & dead) PKR in Virtual Reality! I hope they will port it to Playstation 4 soon as well, i just can’t wait to try it! Must be a real fun. However it will stays just for fun, even if they will add real money games to it because of many reasons:
    *You can’t play with VR for too long;
    *Can’t imagine you ever could use any tracker or helper in it;
    *Can’t imagine you could do multitabling in it;

    But is a really great idea to popularize online poker even more!
    And the best of all will be if they could combine in a future players with VR and players on PC. And of course porting it on consoles. As many people hate playing at PC.

  6. 8bod8 says:

    sounds good, but pokerstars ‘ps’ taking a game to playstation ‘ps’ could lead to some legal trouble

  7. Rijckenborg says:

    Pokerstars VR is cartoon poker.
    Why they haven’t launched webcam play instead?

    I’m not a fan of all virtual reality gadget.
    I am pretty sure that it can blow up our mind after too much using it.
    What if people are not able to distinct reality from virtual?

  8. Billy says:

    This games very FUN, Problem is the devs listen to cry baby trolls who literally poke and prod you until you react to get you banned. beware the way they handle this game is very communist like. They have a mute button for no reason. If you say anything someone else doesnt like they report you and ban for life!
    Just beware the toxic Antifa 18 yr old punks on there will creep under your skin! Imagine someone coming into the room and throwing virtual pumpkins in your face until you explode and say something bad, then they report you for it and you get banned. Or someone just pesters you until you say something very generically bad. nothing implied but if they can they will find a way for it to be racist or sexist. BANNED. They will sit there in game and tell you if you dont shut up they can get you banned then antagonize you into getting yourself bannned for calling them a dumb grease monkey or a shithead or whatever you might say out of anger. Just saying if you can put up with this bs then maybe youre good. but the way they run the reporting system is bs!

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