Stars Group Launches Mobile Sports Betting App in New Jersey for Poker and Casino Customers

September 14th, 2018 by CardsChat News

The parent company of the biggest online poker site in the world is expanding its offerings in New Jersey with the launch of the BetStars sports betting app.


PokerStars hasn’t quite seen mind-blowing success with online poker in New Jersey, so now it’s on to sports betting. (Source: PokerStars)

The BetStars mobile wagering platform went live in New Jersey on Thursday night. The Stars Group has had a steady presence in New Jersey since it launched its online poker platform in March 2016, and this marks its first foray into sports betting in the US.

This New Jersey expansion follows  The Stars Group’s partnership with Mount Airy Casino in Pennsylvania to offer sports betting and online gambling in that state, which recently legalized both online gambling and poker, with a provision to add sports betting as new regulations roll out.

Stars is promising to make it easy for online poker players to transition to sports betting, with New Jersey players able to use their same account and run everything from one wallet, so they could place a sports bet immediately after cashing in a poker tournament, theoretically.

The New Jersey news comes just days after one of the Stars Group’s biggest competitors, 888 Holdings, became the seventh sports betting provider in New Jersey.

Playing Catch Up

It hasn’t been all roses in the Garden State so far for Stars.

When New Jersey entered into a shared liquidity agreement with Nevada and Delaware earlier this year, the bigger player pool was expected to send profits soaring. That hasn’t materialized so far.

The early returns showed only modest signs of growth. May was the first month with the bigger player pool, yet the $1.93 million in revenue that month didn’t even match the numbers from January and March.

Things have remained flat since, with poker revenue in August hitting just $1.8 million.

More concerning for the Stars Group is the ground it’s losing on the competition. The company had been consistently ahead of the pack when it came to poker revenues in New Jersey, but all that started to change when shared liquidity took effect.

PokerStars was the revenue leader with a consistent 43 percent market share in recent years but could only watch as Caesars’ poker offering surged into first place in May, leaving Stars in second.

Sky Bet’s the Limit?

Sports betting, on the other hand, has been a much more lucrative proposition in New Jersey so far.

More than $95 million was bet in the month of August alone, and that number will only grow now that the NFL season is underway. The Stars Group appears well positioned to take advantage.

The company completed a $4.7 billion purchase of British bookmaker Sky Bet in July and is promising big things to come once it deals with the regulatory red tape around the deal.

In a statement, Stars said it will start leveraging Sky Bet’s considerable clout once it gains final approval from the UK Competition Markets Authority.  

There’s no word on when that will happen, but in the meantime, New Jersey bettors are able to start placing wagers on everything from professional and college football, hoops, hockey and golf as of today.

11 Responses to “Stars Group Launches Mobile Sports Betting App in New Jersey for Poker and Casino Customers”

  1. Jefesson90 says:

    Sou novo aqui, alguém pode me ajudar???

  2. mackmasterss says:

    undoubtedly stras is going to become leader in sports betting after some damage, stras has exlentes incentives for bettors, also the software is easy to understand, sports betting is evolving the betting market and will be higher after a few years, it depends from the marketing department stars have good promotions for bettors

  3. chicopaw says:

    Being the leader in poker, i am sure stars will become the leader and a trustful betting site , I usually do not do alot of off line betting or real life betting , but when it comes to the world cup [soccer] ] i usually will indulge , who know’s maybe, maybe will become more involved

  4. Luckyi23 says:

    Hello guys i’m excited for this…

  5. asedu says:

    Hope iot goes in favour of Poker players thou.
    But if it helps push for US legislation I’m 100% for it. Dont know will it, but… =)
    The problem is that it takes so much time + state-by-state-by-state-by…. Seriously if you llok at this from a pperspective it is really funny how much time i takes for something so insignificant (and has doesble examples of regualtion in the wolrd) to legislate…

  6. albosaltenio says:

    is going to be hard growth apparently, but I hope that these incursions of the company back into the US territory will be favorable for the return of online poker there.
    I think if this time things are done well in that territory we will have American players again at the tables.
    good luck to the room!!!

  7. icnbe56 says:

    Sounds like people don’t trust Poker Stars in the States anymore for poker if their profits are going down in that area. However they are going more for sports betting , hopefully they will trust again and be ablee to enjoy poker.
    Sounds like there is still a lot of ground work that Sky Bet has to go through to to make their sites profitable … hope all goes well for them

  8. BentleyBoy says:

    Great news for the folks in New Jersey…… and interesting for us here in UK. I hadn’t realised….. must have been asleep…….. that stars had taken on SkyBet. Wow that is a huge boost for stars and will no doubt bring a whole load of good to the company providing they manage it correctly. UK legislation permitting of course!

  9. step055 says:

    Congratulations to New Jersey and all Poker society. As for me, it’s a great news) I think this sphere will develop and grow very fast and it gives all poker lovers a lot of opportunities.

  10. Muzyka1996 says:

    It is not convenient to set up sports bets on poker stats, so I think these residents have a better choice … well, he said that pokersters will change something

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