PokerStars Borrows an Idea from Full Tilt and Launches The Deal

PokerStars might lead the way when it comes to innovations and gaming options, but that doesn’t mean it won’t take inspiration from its partners.

Although Full Tilt might have slipped into the shadows over the last few years, one of its more popular promotions, The Deal, has now found its way onto PokerStars.

PokerStars The Deal.

PokerStars borrows an idea from Full Tilt in a bid to broaden its appeal to recreational players. (Image:

Being sister sites, the decision by the latter to take an idea from the former isn’t that remarkable, but what is interesting is how it reflects the current direction PokerStars is moving.

Polar Opposites Move Closer Together

When Full Tilt and PokerStars were rivals and at the top of their games, it was the former that often had a more recreational feel. Cartoon avatars and quirky promotions often sat in contrast to the more serious looking PokerStars.

As time went on and Full Tilt was forced to find new ways to attract players following its infamous collapse, The Deal was introduced as a casual side game in 2015.

Basically offering players a way to spend their loyalty points, the mini-game deals the user seven cards, two of which they have to discard.

If the five cards make a ranked poker hand after they are turned over, the player can win anything from tokens to play the game again to a progressive jackpot. Despite having very little to do with poker other than the fact you have to make a ranked hand, the game was popular as it was an entertaining break from the norm.

PokerStars Continues to Move in a New Direction

A decade ago, PokerStars would have avoided a game like this as it didn’t fit with its “hardcore poker” ethos. But, fast-forward a few years and it’s now found its way onto the site.

For 7 StarsCoin or 70 StarsCoin, players can buy into the mini-game and win instant prizes as well as a shot at the progressive jackpot wheel of fortune.

The Deal will become available across PokerStars’ licensed sites in the coming weeks and no doubt the people behind-the-scenes will hope it appeals to the new breed of casual player on the site.

For those with an eye on the industry, one of the themes of 2016 at PokerStars and other leading poker sites has been newbies and gamblers.

The introduction of The Deal on PokerStars is another example of this trend in action and, more importantly, another sign of where the industry is heading. Indeed, we recently learned that Amaya’s target share price had been lowered because of a general slowdown in online poker activity.

To combat this, operators are now combining their betting assets and launching more games that place less emphasis on skill. The Deal falls into this category and PokerStars will be hoping it will have the same impact on its platform that it did when it first launched on Full Tilt.

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