‘Live and Unedited’ Poker TV Show ‘Poker Night LIVE’ Promises ‘You Are There’ Viewer Experience

February 22nd, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Rush Street Productions, creators of Poker Night in America, has announced that it will introduce its new live celebrity-centric television show, Poker Night LIVE, on CBS Sports Network beginning March 20.

Poker Night In America

Poker Night in America will debut a new celebrity-centric poker show, ‘Poker Night LIVE,’ beginning March 20 on CBS Sports Network. (Image: YouTube)

Watch It Live

Todd Anderson, Rush Street Vice President, said his new poker show will have “familiar faces” and a “fun atmosphere.” Poker Night LIVE will air live and unedited.

“The viewers will be able to see and hear everything that’s happening, just as if they are another player sitting at the table,” he said.

Comedian and long-time commentator of the PokerStars “Big Game” cash game show Joe Stapleton will host Poker Night LIVE. Rush Street announced he will step out of the booth and onto the felt at least for one episode.

A full list of celebrities scheduled to appear on the show hasn’t been released, but we do know that Phil Hellmuth, a frequent participant on Poker Night in America, will bring his “white magic” to the table on the first episode.

The debut season of Poker Night LIVE will air at 7 pm PT Tuesdays on the CBS Sports Network, a growing sports cable channel that has improved its content in recent months with the addition of programs such as the Jim Rome Show, arguably the most popular sports talk radio show in history.

All 13 scheduled episodes of Season One will take place at the Gardens Casino in Los Angeles.

What it Means for Poker

Poker Night LIVE is the first show of its kind on cable since the Celebrity Poker Showdown, a celebrity-based poker show on Bravo hosted by former Full Tilt Poker pro Phil Gordon and comedian Dave Foley, was cancelled in 2006.

Celebrity Poker Showdown had the same fun and relaxed atmosphere Anderson envisions with his new show. Famous actors and athletes, such as Kevin Pollak and Dennis Rodman, competed in a sit-and-go format in front of a live studio audience.

Poker Night LIVE will be similar in some ways to Celebrity Poker Showdown, mostly a table full of famous people having a good time playing cards, but the upcoming show will feature cash game poker instead of a sit-and-go format.

The specific stakes haven’t yet been announced but, according to a press release, will be lower than regular PNIA games ($25/$50 is the most common game played) so that the “stars can just have fun and let loose, with no worry about making mistakes.”

Anderson said on Twitter he wanted to produce this type of show “five years ago,” but wasn’t ready at the time.

7 Responses to “‘Live and Unedited’ Poker TV Show ‘Poker Night LIVE’ Promises ‘You Are There’ Viewer Experience”

  1. Haemophile says:

    will it be available in uk or online anywhere?

  2. ZARGA123 says:

    We will wait for this new Live, I hope to see many familiar faces and Professional players joining there.

  3. demibar says:

    the idea its really nice that the viewer will feel like he is on the same table .I am not appreciate the celebreties who try to play poker i loved THE BIG GAME and the sharks on the table .

  4. zam220 says:

    If Phil Hellmuth is involved, it would be interesting to watch this show.
    I like the show with him.

  5. cwdignus says:

    anxiously awaiting the premiere that promises to be very good, especially with Phil Hellmuth in the first episode, he’s really good for this kind of show

  6. scubed says:

    Twitch has been awesome with Poker Night in America. Hopefully CBS Sports Network will find some way to stream (for free) to the mass of cord cutters.

  7. makisaa says:

    We have seen poker shows of live poker, from tv many times. It will be fun to see professional players playing with not so experienced players even if they are “celebrities”! It will attract new players, and why not, to produce new tournaments with access from tv! New players will appear from this poker advertisment!

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