Poker Central Introduces Prop Bet Reality Show ‘Major Wager’ to PokerGo Lineup

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After a successful debut broadcast of live action from the WSOP Main Event, rising poker media company Poker Central has been promising to add content to its subscription PokerGo app. Now the company is offering a new show for PokerGo, but this one is venturing away from the felt.

Antonio Esfandiari
Antonio Esfandiari (right) tries his hand at pole dancing in a new prop betting show available on the PokerGo app called “Major Wager.” (Image: PokerCentral)

In partnership with Roundhead Creative, Poker Central is bringing “Major Wager” to personal video screens, with its first episode available to subscribers on Sept. 5. The show pits poker pros against each other in a series of thrilling and outlandish contests and friendly wagers, with pride on the line.

Familiar Faces, Friendly Battles

Viewing shows on the PokerGo app costs $10 a month. And since the subscription-based streaming channel’s launch in May, Poker Central has been gradually filling its schedule with a variety of poker-related video offerings.

PokerGo has shown its ability for bringing poker fans live table coverage. In addition to the WSOP, they’ve broadcast the Super High Roller Bowl at the Aria and a heads-up invitational from Poker Night in America.

“Major Wager,” however, marks a new direction for poker entertainment available to subscribers, venturing into the reality genre. The show will feature some of poker’s biggest names performing an array of crazy stunts and contests that capitalize on the poker community’s love of prop bets.


As seen in the preview trailer, Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, Brian Rast, Jeff Gross, Samantha Abernathy, and other poker personalities will be vying for supremacy in contrived competitions ranging from car racing and golf contests to pole dancing and circus stunts.

High stakes pro and popular YouTuber Joey Ingram will host the show. Known for his irreverent and outspoken style, Ingram plays the hype man between dueling pros.

‘I Bet You’ 2.0?

In 2007, Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari worked together on a show called “I Bet You,” which aired on the now defunct Mojo HD network. (It went out of business in December 2008.) The pair had become synonymous for making prop bets during their time on the tournament circuit and managed to parlay this into a show that ran for two seasons.

The show featured the two buddy pros engaged in on-screen rivalry, with bets in the $1,000 to $5,000 range on competitive challenges, such as who could be the best catwalk model, or who could guess a bartender’s age. Adding to the fun was seeing the loser have to perform embarrassing acts in public.

“Major Wager” will follow a similar format to Esfandiari’s old show, and looks to bring more off-the-table entertainment to PokerGo’s lineup of original content.

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