Poker Central Contest Gives Fans an Opportunity to Chat with Daniel Negreanu

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 Poker Central poker pros.
Poker Central “Ask the Pros” allows fans to chat with poker stars such as Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandiari, and Daniel Negreanu. (Image:

Poker Central is giving three lucky fans an opportunity to have a phone conversation with poker legend Daniel Negreanu. The contest ends at midnight on June 27. Hopeful winners are required to use hashtag #AskThePros on Twitter to send the 24/7 poker network a question to ask Kid Poker.

Three questions will be chosen and the person who asked the question will receive a call from Negreanu with an answer. Hundreds of poker fans have already taken a shot at winning the contest.

“How do you avoid burning out on poker? Or do you just love it that much?” Twitter user @agnesamurphy asked.

“Who wins heads up cash game:  Jen Harman or Kid Poker?” @borls157 wondered. Negreanu and Harman are long-time friends and top poker pros.

“How effective is the small ball style today compared to 2008 when your book was published?” asked @RichMuncy. Daniel created a “small ball” style of play years ago and coached others to adopt this strategy. The basic gist of small ball is to be aggressive in late position while keeping the pots small so that in the event your opponent hits the flop, you won’t lose a big pot.

Negreanu Already Answers Questions

Kid Poker is one of the most active Twitter posters among poker pros. He frequently opines on topics ranging from politics and poker to hockey and social issues.

Some poker fans mentioned on Twitter that he already answers questions from his fans. Negreanu does respond to many questions and comments from his followers on a daily basis. But the Poker Central contest winners will receive a phone call from the pro, not a typed response on Twitter.

Increased Original Content

When Poker Central first launched last October, the network aired mostly rebroadcasted material. But the company has since made a significant shift toward airing a high percentage of original content.

The network still airs re-runs of popular old poker shows such as the World Poker Tour, Poker After Dark, and High Stakes Poker. It also has a wide range of original programming such as Pokerography, a biographical show that showcases the lives of some of poker’s biggest stars, including Negreanu.

Matt Savage, the tournament director for the World Poker Tour, hosts a show called Inside Poker on Poker Central. Savage travels the country to interview big names around the poker world such as Mike Sexton and Greg Merson.

Poker Central is the first 24/7 poker network and is available on streaming devices such as Roku. The company hopes to expand its reach internationally and eventually get picked up by major cable television providers.

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