Phil Hellmuth Reveals Heart Condition Scare, Then Says ‘All Good on Health Front’

May 22nd, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Phil Hellmuth tweeted out a scare to the poker community, announcing that he has a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation. He reassured his followers he isn’t concerned and is ready for the summer poker grind, but some are concerned that he should be taking the threat more seriously.

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth revealed he has a heart condition known as AFib, but claims he’s otherwise in good health and it shouldn’t affect either his poker or his golf. (Image:

More Serious than He Admits?

AFib is a quivering or irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure, and other cardiovascular complications. According to, 2.7 million Americans live with this condition.

During AFib, the upper chambers of the heart beat irregularly, often causing a blood clot which could then potentially lead to a stroke. It appears Hellmuth’s incident wasn’t as severe. warns AFib patients that the condition is serious, but claims 33 percent of AFib patients disagree, Hellmuth, 53, being one of them.

The Poker Brat followed up his initial tweet by thanking his followers for being concerned but said he’s been “checked out,” and he’s “all good on the health front.” He referred to the issue as “just a lil AFIB”

Many poker players, including a pair of legends, responded with concern. Poker Hall of Famers Doyle Brunson and Linda Johnson gave Hellmuth some advice.

“There is no such thing as a ‘little’ AFIB. Take care of yourself,” Texas Dolly wrote.

“Please take it seriously,” Johnson advised. “If left untreated, it can become a problem. I know this personally.”

Ready for Summer Grind

Heart condition or not, Hellmuth entered the $10,000 buy-in WPT Bobby Baldwin Classic at Aria in Las Vegas on Sunday, the final open World Poker Tour event of the season, and was one of 20 players remaining following Day Two. He entered Tuesday’s action with 211,000 chips, a slightly below-average stack size.

After this tournament concludes, the WPT commentator who is seeking his first career WPT win to add to his remarkable resume, will compete in the $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl at the same casino on May 27.

Then, he plans on his usual long WSOP grind as he hopes to win his 15th gold bracelet, extending his all-time record, and first since 2015.

Stay healthy, Phil. The poker community wouldn’t be the same without you.

7 Responses to “Phil Hellmuth Reveals Heart Condition Scare, Then Says ‘All Good on Health Front’”

  1. Ivansito26 says:

    in my opinion should be given a time and go to a doctor and treated until it looks better, but feel nothing when talking about the heart must be taken seriously because when you have an attack does not warn, hopefully nothing complicated

  2. martina pinto says:

    a great player who deserves to continue winning for what poker means …
      hopefully he will try and we can continue enjoying his magic .. it could be that in the tournaments the palpiotations are accelerated and that could bring more complications

  3. vovqa93 says:

    Hope he’s ok, for sure. He just answered to community in a funny, chill form. With his ownings and statement, don’t think he’s the guy who will negnect the medic control for own health. Hope to see him in highlight at the poker tables soon!

  4. Philly says:

    that look

  5. Poker Orifice says:

    Hopefully no real badbeats from those Northern Euros while deep in an event this summer. Could be what sends him into AFIB but I sincerely hope not!

  6. zam220 says:

    I like to watch the programs with his participation and I hope that everything will be fine.To the Heart should be treated seriously, he needs to go to the doctor and be treated.

  7. es530 says:

    Maybe he remembered a hand at the time of the examination, and his heart gave an occasional flutter. Joking aside I think he does well to follow his routine after all who does not do what he likes dies before being buried. The body is an intelligent system, it recovers from any problem as long as the driver can tame the horses.

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