Partypoker Takes Aim at 2.7 Billion Mobile Gamers with Latest Update

Rabbits, diamonds, and portraits are all part of what Partypoker describes as the “first phase” of its largest mobile overhaul in recent times.

Partypoker mobile

Partypoker has rolled out new mobile updates, complete with an innovative social gaming currency. (Image: Partypoker)

Announced on Nov. 25, the update will usher in a selection of new features as Partypoker looks to create a “best-in-class” mobile poker experience.

Partypoker Gets Social

Heading the list of innovations is a new currency known as Diamond.

Credits are earned by playing real money games. However, Partypoker plans to introduce missions that allow players to pick up additional coins.

Partypoker describes Diamonds as “social-friendly” credits that allow players to perform special, in-game moves, such as throwing objects at opponents.

PokerStars players will have no doubt tried something similar on its virtual reality platform. The aim is to make the action more appealing to casual players.

In line with this, Diamonds can also be used to rabbit hunt. A common feature in certain casinos, rabbit hunting is where players ask to see undealt community cards.

Novices tend to have a greater level of curiosity in these situations than experienced players. Therefore, to satisfy their urges, Partypoker will allow mobile players to view undealt flops, turns, and rivers in exchange for Diamonds.

Along with its new form of currency, Partypoker’s mobile update will incorporate multi-table options, and a new layout for SPINS.

The former is likely to attract seasoned grinders that want to play a maximum of four tables at once. The latter is another play aimed at casuals.

Although some pros use three-handed, lottery-style tournaments as their bread and butter, these games generally attract those players that like to gamble.

Mobile Poker Playing to New Demographics

With the majority of its innovations designed to create a more playful atmosphere, Partypoker is clearly making a play at the mobile gaming market.

According to data from Statista, the number people who play any type of game on mobile platforms is set to reach 2.7 billion by 2021. Capturing even a small percentage of that market would provide a huge boost for Partypoker.

With top-rated mobile games such as Fortnite offering their own in-game currencies (V-Bucks), Partypoker is jumping on a well-established bandwagon.

Although PokerStars tried something similar with the now defunct Power Up, incorporating features from the video gaming world into a mobile setting could have its benefits. As the default medium for many gamers, Diamonds may open up a potentially lucrative market for Partypoker.

For seasoned poker players, the latest mobile update may seem like a gimmick. However, with the industry evolving, these types of innovations seem to be par for the course among the top operators.

For its part, Partypoker says this is the first of many updates designed to make it the leading name in the mobile poker market.

Written by
Daniel Smyth
Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America.


shanest wrote...

Excited to see these innovations. The party mobile app was already very nice to use and the ability to mutli table was a great feature most other sites did not offer.

armoko wrote...

Can’t wait to check how it will turn out. It’s really hard to do a really good user friendly poker app for mobiles. I’m really curious for multi-table option because some other poker apps like Pokerstars can’t offer a really good decision for that

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