Partypoker Parent GVC Earns Three EGR Awards for Commitment to Customers

Partypoker Parent GVC Holdings Earns Three EGR Awards for Commitment to Customers

GVC Holdings has bagged three titles at the 2018 EGR Operator Awards for its commitment to customers, further cementing its position as one of the most influential companies in the industry.

GVC Holdings EGR Award

GVC Holdings won a trio of EGR awards, with judges complimenting the operator’s commitment to customers. (Image:

Attending the October 25 award ceremony inside London’s Grosvenor House, GVC representatives were up against the great and the good in gaming. Heading into the event, LeoVegas, Sky Betting & Gaming and the MRG Group were leading the shortlist nominations, but it was GVC that shone.

Expanding GVC Shines

As well as taking gold in the Poker and Casino Operator of the Years categories, GVC Holdings took the overall award for Operator of 2018.

The year got off to a positive start for the gaming brand with reported sales for 2017 topping $1.2 billion. Buoyed by that result, GVC completed its much-anticipated takeover of Ladbrokes Coral in March 2018.

With two established brands added to an existing stable of sites that includes Partypoker and Gala Bingo, GVC turned its attention towards the US in the latter half of this year. Following the demise of the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the Isle of Man-based business partnered with MGM Resorts.

The $200 million deal was finalized in July and will see GVC embark on a 50/50 partnership designed to make the two companies leaders in the US sports betting market.

Open Ears for Recognition

In between these corporate moves, the achievement that resonated most with judges was GVC’s commitment to customer experiences.

“[GVC] provided many examples of their growth and improving returns from their customers and showed a real mixture of improving the product and customer interaction, stitched together into an overall strategy. What resonated most was the piece about truly understanding the customer,” read the judges’ comments about Partypoker.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, Partypoker has pushed the player-friendly angle. As well as recruiting pros such as Isaac Haxton and Patrick Leonard to act as ambassadors as well as advisors, the poker operator launched a new tournament series.

Announced in January 2017, Partypoker Live is headed by John Duthie who vowed to listen to players when he took charge in February 2017.

“I believe there is a gap in the market for an operator whose primary focus is poker and who will listen to, and work with, the poker community as this was something that was absolutely key to the growth and success of the EPT,” Duthie wrote on the Partypoker blog in 2017.

Despite being in a fledging state, the tour has struck a chord with players and the judges at this year’s EGR Operator Awards.

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Daniel Smyth
Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America.


JBCD71 wrote...

This makes me wanna throw up. How in the hell can they be receiving awards like this when they have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly millions from me. How?

This company steals. I won so much money on their site and they haven’t sent me one penny or would allow me to cash out. Crooks is what they are . And the owners are criminals.

BentleyBoy wrote...

Its always great to see a poker site receiving recognition for the efforts it has made in the industry, particularly in relation to its approach to customers.

However, it is sad when one person (there will be more with similar stories/claims no doubt) responds to the article with a direct accusation, without relying on any evidence or explanation or mention that they have approached the company involved or the authorities in relation to this allegation.

Well done to GVC and PartyPoker for efforts at least!


JBCD71 wrote...

My account speaks for itself . How can I prove anything when they have the power to close my account and erase every trace of evidence and record of my transactions and winning prizes?

For you to mention I am possibly making this up is complete bull#*. Party Poker has not paid me money won, prizes, trips. There is proof and Party Poker tries to pass the buck and blame others.

Party Poker in my opinion is not who they say they are or for that matter some award that doesn’t acknowledge what they did to me in the past and possibly others.
They have crushed my dreams by stealing money and not awarding prizes won.
After cashing out for $58,000 dollars and sending it to me 4 years later without interest or other money owed is unacceptable or practical when I wanted to cash out for millions of dollars won.

It was Party Poker and Party Casino. They closed my original account to hide and erase all proof. Thou I do have some records and proof of what I am saying before they could erase it.

You most likely have dealt with tiny depositis or winnings. They like you cause they gladly will pay you. But when its a lot of money they are crooks. In my opinion from my experiences with them they are very bad people stealing my money and prizes. I am entitled to my opinion wether you like it or not.

BentleyBoy wrote...

That’s a little bit better in terms of providing some information to your allegations, rather than simple allegations with no detail.

At no time have I suggested or implied that you were making it up! I am unsure (not interested really) why you think this!

I merely stated that you offered no evidence upon which people can base a view of your allegations.

I don’t expect you to go into more detail here, as I am sure you have done that with the sites and the relevant gambling authorities, but you cant just make accusations without at least giving some backing to your claims….. that’s all I was saying.

As for hitting back at me, for trying to get you to understand how wrong you got your rant, then that is pretty poor in my opinion.

Good luck trying to sort out your issues, in the correct way!

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