Partypoker Adds MyGame Interactive Coaching Tool in Software Client

Partypoker Adds MyGame Interactive Coaching Tool for Cash Game Play in Software Client

February 20th, 2019 by CardsChat News

Poker coaching has become a cottage industry all its own, with everything from videos on YouTube to a MasterClass by Daniel Negreanu available for those who want to improve their game. Now, Partypoker is offering its own automated coaching tool known as MyGame right in its poker room client.

MyGame Partypoker

MyGame is a new tool in the Partypoker client that offers players feedback on their play based on GTO strategy. (Image: Twitter/@dylan_LFC2017)

The coaching tool was added to the Partypoker client earlier this month, and is currently in beta mode.

Beta Analyzes Cash Game Play Only

At the moment, the program only works for no limit hold’em (NLHE) cash game play, though Partypoker says that it will add support for tournaments in the future. In addition, the tool is only available in English language.

In order to get information from MyGame, users are required to play a minimum of 100 hands. However, as with any analysis of poker play, a larger sample size will provide more accurate and meaningful results for players.

After the required number of hands have been gathered, the system will go to work analyzing the data. The next day, players will find a complete report card of their play in their portal.

Players Get Detailed Report Card

The results will give players an overview of their game, including any obvious leaks that might be present. According to Partypoker, MyGame is based on game theory optimal (GTO) strategy, and gives grades in five key categories: three-betting, four-betting, stealing and blind defense, post-flop aggression, and showdowns.

Players are given a letter grade in each category, along with a summary of how they did in that area of the game. In addition, users can dig deeper into the reports to see how they did in 25 more specific aspects.

For those who are most interested in seeing where they stand overall, all of these numbers are then combined into a skill level rating. More casual players might get ranks like “Rookie” and “Social,” while stronger grinders might be “Solid” or “Advanced.” The players closest to GTO play will earn the “Pro” and “Elite Pro” designations, the latter of which is saved only for those players who score 90 percent or more in their analysis.

The icon each player receives also includes between zero and five experience stars, based on the number of hands that were included in the analysis.

Lessons Available to Plug Leaks

An example of the full report players receive from MyGame was shared by Partypoker ambassador Patrick Leonard earlier this month on Twitter.

While all of that information may be interesting to users, the real value may come from the additional related content players can access. According to Partypoker, there are a variety of online courses players can take to improve various aspects of their game, along with written content to supplement the lessons. There are also “missions” designed to help players work on specific leaks identified by MyGame.

The move is part of a busy February for Partypoker. The site has also revamped its streaming efforts, creating a Team Online that is currently headed by popular Canadian Twitch streamer Matt Staples.

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  1. Ventoman777 says:

    This is a great addition to improving your poker skills.

  2. antony says:

    Well if we could also see bb/100 for each possition ,for example winning from the blinds it would help ,,since i have leaks in the blinds would like to see if my new strategies are actualy working and lossing less bb/100 from those possitions

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