Sashimi Poker Exposed on ‘Hustler Casino Live,’ Nip Slip Sets Twitter Alight

A nip slip during the “Hustler Casino Live” stream sent viewers into a frenzy and gave the player known as Sashimi Poker a whole new level of exposure.


Sashimi Poker, aka Yuuki Kaida, has divided opinion on Twitter after exposing a breast during a “Hustler Casino Live” stream. (Image: Twitter/CryptoApprenti1)

The incident occurred on Monday’s stream and, almost immediately, Twitter lit up with comments. At the heart of the latest controversy is Sashimi Poker and what appeared to be her left nipple.

She was part of Monday’s $10/$20 cash game at Hustler Casino and, midway through the session, unwittingly exposed a breast during a hand against Nick Austin.

‘Hustler Casino Live’ owners confirm slip was intentional

With some viewers shocked by the apparent nip slip, Nick Vertucci, co-owner of “Hustler Casino Live,” said it was a gag. He confirmed on Twitter that the exposed breast was part of a bodysuit. Nonetheless, it looked realistic enough to cause a debate among poker fans.

“Pretty sure it’s a bodysuit/gag. But FN brilliant. Had me fooled,” Vertucci tweeted.

“Hustler Casino Live” hasn’t been far from the headlines in recent months thanks to Robbi Jade Lew and the now infamous J-4 hand. That controversial talking point is almost old news at this point, but Sashimi’s antics have thrust the high-stakes cash game back into the spotlight.

Some people loved the nip slip while others were less impressed. The video below shows exactly what went down during the stream. The show’s other co-owner, Ryan Feldman, has since explained that Sashimi set up the stunt on her own.

Feldman believes most people will find it “entertaining and innocent,” but no one on his team knew about it “in advance.”

Nip slip gets viewers fired up

Be that as it may, some people weren’t happy. Kenneth “KL” Cleeton was the most vocal about the incident.

Even though he “knew it was a bodysuit,” Cleeton believes the stunt is a bad look for poker, “Hustler Casino Live,” and those involved. Others, including Jamie Kerstetter and the Low Limit Cash Game Podcast, disagree with Cleeton.

“@HCLPokerShow is the greatest thing to ever happen to poker,” the Low Limit Cash Game Podcast tweeted.

The old saying, no news is bad news, applies here. Sashimi Poker’s slip has stirred up the masses, which is not only good for her profile, but also for “Hustler Casino Live.”

Whether it’s a good or a bad thing to attract attention this way is a matter of perspective. What’s undeniable is that people are talking about the show and, in turn, poker.

Perfectly-timed slip

Sashimi Poker has also enjoyed a new level of exposure. Although she doesn’t typically reveal her name publicly, a Reddit thread tells us she’s a Japanese poker player named Yuuki Kaida. In addition to playing live games, she has a YouTube channel and the stunt is, if nothing else, a great way to generate some interest in it.

Kaida will likely have seen Robbi Jade Lew’s profile hit an all-time high following her $269K hand against Garrett Adelstein. Lew’s Twitter account not only got a boost after the incident, but she’s now playing high-stakes tournaments across the US.

Kaida also knew she was in a hand against Nick Austin. He’s a member of the TikTok collective Hype House and has over 4.5 million followers. Showing a nipple, real or otherwise, in a hand against someone with Austin’s social media presence is almost guaranteed to go viral.

Kaida may have factored this in when she decided to wear a bodysuit and give “Hustler Casino Live” viewers more than they bargained for.

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