Nikita Badziakouski Wins Big at Super High Roller Series Sochi

Super High Roller Series Sochi Win Takes Nikita Badziakouski’s Earnings to $26 Million

Nikita Badziakouski is the latest Super High Roller Series Sochi champion after a dominant performance in Event #4.

Nikita Badziakouski

Nikita Badziakouski has taken his lifetime earnings beyond the $26 million mark after winning Event #4 at the Super High Roller Series Sochi. (Image: Twitter/Oleg ParaMon)

The Belarusian is no stranger to high-stakes success, and that showed on Day 2 of the $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em showdown.

After bagging the most chips on Day 1, Badziakouski continued his momentum on Tuesday. Betting with relative impunity throughout the final session, he quickly established his dominance over an all-star cast.

Badziakouski Shines in Star-Studded Finale

First to fall at the final table was online specialist Wiktor Malinowski. With the starting field of 45 whittled down to seven, the man known online as Limitless made his final move with K-Q. Artur Martirosyan made an easy call with A-K and held onto the lead to eliminate Malinowski.

With the deadlock broken inside Casino Sochi, Badziakouski got to work. Betting and raising at every opportunity, he was able to pressure those around him into making the wrong moves at the wrong times.

Super High Roller Bowl London winner Carey Katz was next to fall. The American called an all-in from Sam Greenwood with six left. When the cards were revealed, Katz was in front with pocket sixes. However, the J♠3♣9♠ flop hit Greenwood’s K♠J♦.

The A♦ and 9♦ on the turn and river completed the board, giving Greenwood the winning hand. Greenwood went from executioner to the executed a few hands later when his A-Q couldn’t overcome Badziakouski’s pocket kings.

Now down to four, it was Badziakouski’s time to turn up the heat. Raising from the cut-off with A♣K♠, Badziakouski made a quick call after Vincent Van Blarcum moved all-in with A♠9♥.

With Van Blarcum at risk, the board ran out 5♥J♥Q♠Q♣2♣. With that, Van Blarcum added $225,000 to the $168,000 he won in Event #1 of the Super High Roller Series Sochi.

Flushing Finish to Event #4

Luc Greenwood, Sam’s brother, was the next to fall before Martirosyan made a final stand. Despite enjoying a rush of cards during at the final table, the Russian couldn’t stop the Badziakouski express.

Martirosyan gave himself a some hope with double-up late in the day. However, in the end, luck conspired against him.

In the last hand, Martirosyan limped from the button with Q♠6♠. Badziakouski checked from the big blind with K♥9♦ and the flop ran out 6♥6♣7♥. Badziakouski led and Martirosyan raised with three sixes. Clearly looking to set something up, Badziakouski called.

The T♥ on the turn prompted a check from Badziakouski and an all-in from Martirosyan. Asking for a count, Badziakouski determined that the odds were right to make a reluctant call. The 5♥ on the river completed Badziakouski’s runner-runner flush and gave him the Super High Roller Series Sochi title.

Martirosyan picked up $495,000 for second place, while Badziakouski banked $765,000 to take his lifetime earnings to $26.1 million.

Partypoker Live Millions Super High Roller Series Sochi Result

  1. Nikita Badziakouski – $765,000
  2. Artur Martirosyan – $495,000
  3. Luc Greenwood – $337,500
  4. Aaron Van Blarcum – $225,000
  5. Sam Greenwood – $180,000
  6. Cary Katz – $135,000
  7. Wiktor Malinowski – $112,500


Written by
Daniel Smyth
Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America.


Ventoman777 wrote...

As always, Nikita Badziakouski shows incredible results in high roller tournaments, we can say that Sochi is his home game.

zam220 wrote...

He is a very good poker player and always shows good results! Congratulations on your win!

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