Face Masks Now Required in Nevada, Includes Poker Rooms

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If you enter any of the 54 Nevada poker rooms — although not all have reopened — you must wear a face mask. The same can be said about most businesses in the state, including restaurants and casinos.

Nevada poker rooms Peppermill
Nevada poker rooms such as Peppermill in Reno must require players to wear face coverings. (Image: Twitter)

Gov. Steve Sisolak announced at his weekly press meeting on Wednesday a change in direction as he attempts to fight the spread of COVID-19. Statewide coronavirus cases have been on the rise since the casinos reopened June 4.

As such, Sisolak is acting in a manner that he feels will combat the virus as much as possible. But he’s receiving some push-back politically from those who believe being forced to wear a face mask infringes on their rights. Still, he’s sticking to his guns and has reversed course a bit.

Sisolak’s reopening plans originally required that most employees in public businesses, including casino employees that interact with the public, must wear a face covering while on the job. The Nevada Gaming Control board then stepped in last week requiring all table games players to wear a face mask. And now the governor is stepping up the COVID-19 fight and the new restrictions also apply to all Nevada poker rooms.

Nevada Poker Rooms Must Force Face Coverings on Guests

Sisolak is concerned with the rising coronavirus cases in the Silver State since the casinos reopened. Nevada’s coronavirus cases are now just under 15,000, nearly double the cases two weeks ago. As such, health experts are asking citizens and tourists to put on a face mask when in public.

Sisolak’s new policy applies to Nevada poker rooms, casinos, restaurants, and any other indoor business. Should a customer refuse to put on a face covering, the business is permitted to refuse service. If a business fails to adhere to these restrictions, they may face fines and additional penalties.

There is much debate about the effectiveness of face masks in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. But most health experts and epidemiologists claim the evidence proves face masks do help limit the spread.

The governor’s new policy goes into effect on Friday.

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