More Rake is Better: PokerStars Scoops $217M in Online Poker Revenue for 2018 Q2

August 14th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Maybe Daniel Negreanu is onto something when he suggests that “more rake is better.” PokerStars reported $217 million in rake during 2018 Q2, a nearly 7 percent increase compared to last year.

PokerStars revenue 2018

PokerStars reported over $217 million in revenue from online poker during 2018 Q2. (Image:

Still Crushing the Online Poker World

PokerStars released a financial report that displayed revenues generated during the second quarter of the current fiscal year. And by all accounts, the world’s largest online poker site is continuing to thrive.

The financial report release comes at a time when the poker site has taken some heat for a recent Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack that caused players to get locked out of their accounts during tournaments that were subsequently cancelled as a result.

Many poker players complained on social media about the technical difficulties that cost them money. But PokerStars answered the call by ensuring those affected by the DDoS attack would receive a tournament buy-in refund.

That type of customer service is to be expected from online poker’s leading brand. And it may be part of the reason the poker site is still making money years after the 2011 Black Friday scandal, even without the presence of American players.

During Q2, PokerStars reported $217 million in revenue from poker games, more than $14 million better than its performance over the same period in 2017.

Profitable Strategic Shift?

In recent years, PokerStars has ventured into other forms of online gambling (sports betting, for example.) and unlike in company’s early days, poker now only represents a portion of total revenue — nearly 52 percent to be more exact.

The Stars Group reported that 48 percent of its overall revenue came from non-poker gambling games. As the business model gears more towards the all-around gamblers and recreational poker players, the company may rely less heavily on poker than in year’s past.

Still, Stars Group continues to generate more money from poker than any other poker site in the world. PokerStars hasn’t seen much competition in the online poker market since Full Tilt Poker imploded following Black Friday.

Sites such as Partypoker and 888 are attempting to provide some competition but with more than a reported 2 million active, real-money gamblers playing on the Stars Group’s brand of sites, it’s obvious there isn’t any true competition.

Despite losing many high-profile ambassadors such as Jason Mercier and Vanessa Selbst over the past year, and receiving some bad publicity for shunning the loyal pros in favor of the recreational players,

PokerStars remains the world’s most popular online poker site and, according to its Q2 numbers, their popularity is somehow continuing to grow.

10 Responses to “More Rake is Better: PokerStars Scoops $217M in Online Poker Revenue for 2018 Q2”

  1. vovqa93 says:

    Rofl. Yeah, in 5-10 years poker will be total unbeatable, just MTT “bingo” will be as income..

  2. 22meandu says:

    The only gambling organization EVER, that can give a winner less than second and say its fair . Still , it must be acceptable as Poker Stars continues to lead the market .

  3. lulu pk says:

    It was Victoria Coren the PokerStars pro who did quit PS the first place.The reason was that Casino games were introduced.
    It was several years ago and from that time to today it’s getting worse and worse for players.

    There is plenty of other site on the web who offer better rake, as far as I am concerned It was for long time my main site but I learn to change that habit.

  4. darthdimsky says:

    Perhaps including more casino variations will introduce people to more poker. Besides Stars aren’t the only ones doing this. 888 is known as one of the softest poker sites because they have poker players originally there for other games. If PP can create a similar client and offer the variety of poker games that Stars offers then they’d attract more poker purists.

  5. Doug McFarlane says:

    The number of people who seem not to be able to understand what PS is doing surprises me. The days of PS, as we once knew it, are gone. PS wants more poker revenues, yes, but it wants more than just poker revenues, period. Hence, the platform is gearing up to serve less the professional players and more the people who see poker as entertainment. Why? Because, it makes financial sense. There is a lot more money to be made in serving the masses rather than just the loyal poker elite.

    If you look at profit generated by the increased rake in the online poker tables, not even to mention other quarterly poker revenues, then you have to ask yourself: What is PS going to do with all that extra money? That is an awful loy of money. My guess is that PS already knows that it offers the best online poker in the world and, for that reason, it does not fear any drastic drop in its poker playing base, and therefore in its basic poker revenues. That being a given, PS is free to look elsewhere for other financial opportunities whether the loyal poker pros like it or not.

    PS is quite aware, as the years have passed, of its own increasing money streams in the non-poker playing activities. My guess is that PS is going to take its increasing annual profits from one area and invest them into the others. Exactly what PS wants to do within these non-poker areas is an unknown to some degree, but direction may be taken from the companies with which PS is trying to partner or to buy outright. Additional direction can be found in the countries into which PS is expanding, as well as its present attempt to get into brick and mortar investments.

    No matter what PS does, I do believe that there will always be poker, be it online, off-line or both. But I really do believe that the days of PS, as we once knew it, are gone. As non-poker areas gain in monetary importance, it is not that difficult to look into the not-to-far off future, say within the next decade, and realize poker’s reduced status in the corporate schema.

  6. SharkyJohn says:

    $217M for a quartal! Huge numbers earned by Poker Stars… It is really the most popular poker site in the world (not including sports betting and gambling)
    I think Poker Stars remain popular because of worldwide advertisement and reasonable inviting policy… There are always some interestings events,bonuses etc.
    That’s why Poker Stars is so alluring for new poker players!

  7. Ale3x1984 says:

    желание у меня простое: профессионально играть в покер, зарабатывая себе на жизнь! но возраст у меня уже “старый” 34 года для начала карьеры и живу в Крыму, где трудно учится покеру. ЖАЛЬ,

  8. acidburnfx says:

    It’s record behind record in terms of billing. The remaining loyal players are those who already have some income beyond the online poker that they conquered years ago. After all, the PS still remains my main site.

  9. cheeeer says:

    Oh, looks like Daniel was right. For himself at least. Good luck to him. Though he just represented opinion of the company.

  10. Rijckenborg says:

    With $217 million in rake, why they cannot prevent all DDoS Attack?
    They are not able to hire the best tech or even hacker to make their room unattackable?

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