Author Maria Konnikova Will Award $30K PokerStars Platinum Pass to Best Storyteller

September 30th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

If you can tell a story like Maria Konnikova, you just might have what it takes to win a $30,000 Platinum Pass to the 2019 PokerStars Players Championship in the Bahamas. The author turned poker player will award one pass to the person who creates the most intriguing story.

Maria Konnikova

Author turned poker player Maria Konnikova is awarding one $30k Platinum Pass to the best storyteller. (Image: PokerStars)

The PokerStars Team Pro is accepting submissions, either written or video, from poker fans. The individual who tells the most compelling story wins.

A Platinum Pass includes a $25,000 seat into the first-ever PSPC event and $5,000 for travel expenses. The high-stakes tournament has an $8 million guaranteed prize pool.

Can You Tell Stories Like Maria Konnikova?

As a published author, Konnikova knows how to tell an interesting story. But now she’s looking to read poker stories from her fans.

Konnikova set out to write a book on poker last year but instead quit the project to play poker professionally. She found early success in the game and realized playing cards was an even better way to earn a living. In less than two years, she’s won more than $240,000 in tournaments.

The PokerStars pro will select one creative winner to play in the PSPC. Her Platinum Pass is one of 300 to be awarded throughout 2018. Each Team Pro member selects creative ways to reward poker players with their own pass. Daniel Negreanu, for example, is using his platform as an opportunity to help a worthy charity and a poker player.

How to Win

To win your free Platinum Pass, you’ll some creativity. Even if you have minimal experience writing, Konnikova believes “we’re all potential storytellers.” So, what is she looking for from contestants?

“Find a moment in your past when you excelled (or failed!) at any of these, and tell me about it. What happened? Why has it stuck with you? What did you learn?” she wrote on the PokerStars blog. “Tell us a story that teaches you something about poker, good or bad.”

Story Guidelines:

If written, the story must be at least 250 words. Videos submissions are required to reach the one-minute mark. Content should flow nicely, be original, and have some sort of relevance to poker.

Per Konnikova’s blog post, she will judge submissions on “clarity” and “overall artistry.” She hasn’t said how many submissions she’s received, but it’s safe to assume there will be hundreds of competitors. So, it would be wise to spend some time thinking about how you can catch her attention.

To submit your story, which must be received before October 1, post it on Twitter using the hashtag #MyPokerStory. Then send a link to your story to Make sure you include your name, country, and a short bio in the email.


15 Responses to “Author Maria Konnikova Will Award $30K PokerStars Platinum Pass to Best Storyteller”

  1. korneel says:

    Too bad it’s due to tommorow.
    Otherwise I would have tried this.

  2. hugh blair says:

    Story sent for the laugh hope that cardschat link will do as have to join twitter still will look in to it.

  3. Paya_31 says:

    Very good promotion, for all the fans of Maria Connikova. I am interested in this news. I am going to participate and I hope to win the pass for the Bahamas. Where will be played next year. I hope to attract with my story and thus be able to win.

  4. Ivansito26 says:

    wow good promotion, now the idea is to be the best in your history to be credited by a platinum pass, I think I will buy two boxes of beers a roasted cigar and think about the shore of the beach and tell my poker story

  5. Bricxjo says:

    The thing about news is timing, timing, timing.

  6. Ventoman777 says:

    This is an incredible story in 2018, when a novice amateur writer Maria Konnikova literally in a couple of successful tournaments in 2018 became the ambassador of pokerstars, in fact, any person who will be lucky, talented and skill can repeat this success.

  7. uros1991 says:

    And every story have something behind i am qurious she will pick one on what base ? Bad beat,ammount lost or just bad luck ? Because for sure this is one of kind way for promotion but i can guess that most of that stories will be “sad” one and people will play on that emotional card on this game 😀

  8. santiago matias says:

    everyone wants to play the pspc, i have a good story to tell, but i see that the contest is over

    too baad

  9. Kalah says:

    Cardschat is failing. First, they post a news article about an MMA match – which obviously has zero to do with poker – and now they publish an article on the eve of the completion of a competition. Definitely not staying on top of their game.

  10. niphon56 says:

    It seems to write down how you to win big games.
    Good stories attract players to play, it’s a good idea.

  11. Salavat Kozhakhmetov says:

    a great idea from the PokerStars, everyone can try their luck and get a ticket,and talk about their life in poker!

  12. I heard about this competition and this one from Maria interested me the most but I spent some time thinking and it was really hard for me to write smthng good cause I think many poker players went through the same hard moments.So I didnt write to Maria but if I had more expirience as storyteller I would try this chance!

  13. king11682 says:

    The author who became the poker player Maria Konnikova is awarding a $ 30k Platinum Pass to the best storyteller, she is accepting presentations, either written or video, from poker fans. “Find a moment in your past where you excelled (or failed) in any of these, and tell me about it. What happened? Why has he stayed with you? You learned? “She wrote on the PokerStars blog. “Tell us a story that teaches you something about poker, good or bad.”
    The individual who tells the most compelling story wins.

  14. joeisi says:

    Excellent gesture by Maria Connikova. I am sure that there will be loads of good stories to choose from. I believe she may even write a book/stories of some of the entries, it would be cool. This is the second pro to offer this sort of thing as Daniel Negreanu did so as well. This is going to be one of the biggest tournament ever looking forward to watching it.

  15. missjacki says:

    I won! OMG. to all the people complaining that cardschat didn’t do a good enough job reporting on this soon enough….tsk tsk tsk. I am gracious and happy and humble and you have to put yourself out there and be willing to fail if you want to achieve things. I might just bust out of this tourney with nothing to show for it; but I’ll have an amazing trip with my family and a memory that lasts a lifetime. I love you all. Don’t be afraid to put it out there and take a risk. YOLO 🙂

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