Macropoker Online Poker Tournament Awards Takes Place December 17

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Macropoker Online Poker Tournament Awards
Macropoker will be hosting the first ever Online Poker Tournament Awards on December 17 on Twitch. (Image:

Macropoker has announced it will be hosting the first ever Online Poker Tournament Awards on December 17.

Interested poker fans can watch the event live on Twitch or YouTube.

Honoring poker players for their incredible performances isn’t new to the game. But this will be the first time online players receive such recognition.

There will be 10 open categories and also a “best player” award given to one poker pro in each of 20 countries.

Since the United States doesn’t have legalized online poker sites nationwide, there isn’t an award for a player in that country.

Some of the countries on the list include Australia, Great Britain, Canada, and Germany. Most are European nations.

Macropoker is an online poker statistical database. The website keeps track of online poker results from various poker sites.

Visitors are able to search through the database to find the top ranked players in each country and on each poker site.

The Top Categories

There are 10 categories beginning with the “Legend of Online Poker.” This is awarded to the most successful tournament player since 2012. Total profit and number of tournaments played (minimum of 10,000) are factored into the decision. The remaining awards are all based on 2016 performance only.

“Best High Stakes MTT Player” is next on the list. To qualify, a player must compete in multi-table tournaments with $100 or higher buy-ins. “Best Middle Stakes MTT Player” is open to those competing in tournaments ranging from $20 to $100 buy-ins. And the best “Low Stakes MTT Player” goes to the top under $20 buy-in pro.

The pro who wins “Best SNG Player” must have competed in at least 10,000 sit ‘n go’s this year with a profit exceeding $100,000. The same criteria applies to the “Best HU Player.”

Four More Categories

The next category, “Sponsor’s Prize,” is a bit unclear. Macropoker’s website hasn’t clarified specifically who is eligible to win this award. Another category, “Best Caster,” hasn’t been defined by the online poker rankings website.

But it appears to be an award granted to the best online poker live streamer. Names such as Jason Somerville and Doug Polk would likely be strongly considered if, in fact, we are accurate on our assumption.

“Player with the Highest Profit” is self-explanatory. The player with the highest profit in 2016, as you probably guessed, wins this one. The final award is for “Discovery of the Year.” This is another confusing category. One might think the award goes to someone who’s innovation changed the game of online poker. But, apparently, the criteria to win is as follows:

“Profit in МТТ for 2016 not less than $50K, all career profit in МТТ up to this year not more than $50K. Not less than 10 prizes starting at $10K won in 2016, not less than 3K tournaments played.”

A list of players up for nomination isn’t available. But we can all assume Gus Hansen won’t be on the list.

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