Some Lock Poker Cashouts Still Pending at Year Mark

January 4th, 2014 by Jennifer Newell

Some Lock Poker Cashouts Still Pending at Year Mark

Lock Poker players are reporting that no progress has been made on their cashouts, including some made more than one year ago.

Players on Lock Poker have long complained of lengthy payout timetables; with some asserting the absolute nonpayment of funds from the online poker website. Many have taken to a thread on Internet forums to document their claims and rally support from other players with the same problems.

Of the documented cashout problems, a player going by the moniker IHasTehNutz has been the most vocal about his dissolution with Lock Poker on the forums. His “cashout report” now includes at least 265 players who have all waited more than two months – some approximately one year – for withdrawals to be completed by Lock. To be exact, there are 177 players who have not been paid more than six months since their requests for funds, 12 players have been waiting more than 300 days and two have surpassed the year mark.

According to IHasTehNutz, more than $700,000 is owed to players on his list, all of them having shown proof of their cashout requests.

What Does the Lock Say?

In a word, nothing. Sites that have contacted Shane Bridges, Lock Poker’s social media correspondent, have not received responses. In fact, he no longer posts on the Internet forums. That option was shut down several months ago in favor of players corresponding only on the Lock Poker site. However, those who have not received their payouts have not been given any substantial responses regarding their money.

The professional poker players associated with Lock have also been quiet on the subject. Some like Chris Moorman and Paul Volpe long ago disassociated themselves with the site and ended their sponsorships. Others like Annette Obrestad, Eric Lynch, and Felipe Ramos continue to promote Lock Poker despite the player complaints.

Hopes Dashed

On October 29, Lock Poker announced that it was leaving the Revolution Gaming Network and launching its own site on a proprietary software platform. At that time, the Lock spokesperson told Pokerfuse that a new cashier had been rolled out and other improvements would be available in the “coming month” to improve cashout times for players. The company said that “numerous and ongoing breaches of contract by the network operator” caused problems and spurred the move.

Just when players believed that the move may help with their pending withdrawals and trust issues with Lock Poker going forward, a war of words broke out between Lock and Revolution. The latter told Pokerfuse that it, “Tried very hard to help Lock work through its problems with slow withdrawals to players.” In the end, though, they said, “Due to lack of payment to the Network and a large growing debt, the Network had no choice but to eventually segregate Lock players almost entirely from Network cash games.” Lock’s spokesperson declared those statements false and defamatory.

Regardless, players continue to wait for their money. Several months since the Lock Poker separation from Revolution, there have been no significant improvements regarding cashouts. In fact, many players report that communication is even tougher since that time. And as 2014 begins, they still wait for their rightful funds.

42 Responses to “Some Lock Poker Cashouts Still Pending at Year Mark”

  1. T-Dubs82 says:

    has any CCers received a cashout from Lock initiated Nov 1 or later, since the transition to Lock 2.0?

  2. mlgibbs78 says:

    bummer owed 14k here and been waiting 8 months at least

  3. TCUFrogman says:

    Requested $2000 on June 25. Nothing.

  4. IHasTehNutz says:

    Would appreciate, kind madam, a link back to the report when referring it in your articles. Appreciate it!

  5. LostInWA says:

    I did receive my payout in November, granted it was pretty small ($250) after waiting 6 months.

  6. KcWick says:

    Requested $665 July 16 via WU, still waiting.

  7. Mccoot says:

    Requested $2000 on September 16th. Nothing!!

  8. jippee says:

    Requested $2000 via WU on 9/12 and verified on 9/25 but still NADA!!!
    You have an active WesternUnion withdrawal
    Amount: $2,000.00 ($0.00 in fees)
    Status: Verified
    Wednesday, 2013-09-25 3:25 PM GMT

  9. Jordan b says:

    Cashed out February 27th 2013 and as of today( February 9th 2014) I still haven’t received my payout.

  10. mamasumae says:

    Still waiting 3 month now

  11. D Gray says:

    Been waiting now 6 months for my $400. Every time I ask Lock where my $$ is they tell me that they are in the process of hiring new “processors”. Should have 1000’s of new processors by now.

  12. christopher mcconnell says:

    What is sad is all these crooked websites that supposedly rate u.s. online poker rooms and give Lock such great praise. I have only found one out of twenty that mention the silly amount of time to collect your money. I feel sorry for the new players who fall for this and deposit money on these criminals site. It is a Ponzi scheme. Live Chat even told me cashouts were 6 plus months, atleast.

  13. dev says:

    Lockpoker is a scamm guys n gals ..dont fall for it . and any pros working for lockpoker are getting millions for marketting about them. you think they gonna stop that cos of us suffering Players. no way.. slap cases against those lockpoker pros . They are the ones who advertise lockpoker and destroy the poker communities. Go to hell Annette Obrestad, Eric Lynch, and Felipe Ramos . all of you 3 pros are equally collaborating with lockpoker to rip People off . May be they have Shares in lockpoker Money . like what fulltilt did before. shame on them

  14. Brad S says:

    requested $1400 Last January (2013) funds were never there. Just cancelled the request to try withdrawing from the casino side and my $1400 was gone after I migrated the software to “Lock 2.0”

  15. Roi says:

    This lock poker site is a joke. I have been waiting 3 months to get my check from them. Every time I ask they say they are working on it and it should be here soon. Is there any way to get these guys to pay quicker? Can you complain to anyone?

  16. Will 'Monkey' Souther says:

    I was an affiliate with Lock for about two years. I guess, theoretically, I still am. But what is it good for? Zilch. No one is going to play on the site, and frankly, I’m not about to refer anyone. I’ve waited now for a $500 check since October 14th, 2013. The first three times I inquired about it, I was told the same BS thing they’ve been telling everyone. Delays due to ‘deluge’ of payment requests, and processors that are being hired to fill the demand. Then…the last two emails? Not returned at all. I just sent a personal email to CEO Jennifer Larson…who has responded in the past, and helped get my previous payment requests expedited. I am hoping to hear back from her…about the $500 check in the pipeline, and my balance still on the site. Additionally, I asked about the dwindling number of players on the site…from 150-200 on an average day about 5-6 months ago…to now where there are often times less than 100 players on the site. That’s a joke. It certainly ‘feels’ like Lock intends to just ride off into the sunset with everyone’s money. I mean…is there really ANY legal rights we have here? I don’t think so. As for the assertion that the three Lock ‘pros’ who are working/repping the site being people who are getting rich off the ‘scam’ that is Lock poker? I can confirm that this is comical, and totally not true. They are just as irritated and disappointed in the overall performance of the site as the rest of us are. And they are NOT getting rich off of their affiliation.


  17. andy says:

    fucking Lock poker no pay for a year just $1000 since march 17 2013 now is march 20 2014
    I still have about 5k more but can not cash out. this is fucking sick!!!

  18. John johns says:

    14 months waiting for $450!!! Every email is returned with bs excuses about payment processors.

  19. grilldoggy says:

    I’m waiting on a mediocre cashout as well, for over 6 months now. Same excuses as you’ve read in the other posts. Don’t waste your time at Lock Poker, and certainly DO NOT deposit money there.

  20. Mike says:

    Still waiting for a $2500 cash out. Over a year now. Its amazing how many excuses they have. Its like they are reading from a book of excuses. But we have to be nice, once you get aggressive or impatient with theh, they tell you, please don’t use that kind of language or we will shut down your account. Lock is a joke and stay away.

  21. Corey says:

    Waiting for $600 almost a year fuck this site it’s a joke

  22. Gary says:

    If they refuse to pay you can’t you go to the bank you deposited with to get your recent transactions reversed? Can you go back further and get those reversed as well? This is theft and I am surprised the US government hasn’t banned the connection to the host.

  23. George Fisher says:

    I’m waiting over 4 months on a cash out of $450. I have a lawyer in the family capable of filing a class action lawsuit and I’m prepared to do so. Please let me know if you would seriously like to be involved in this effort.

  24. John Morgan says:

    I’ve waited for over a year now, since March 18, 2013. I’ve e-mailed and always just received the standard excuses. A year and they actually expect me to believe that they are having trouble with their processor. Luckily, it’s a small amount, about $400, owed to me so it won’t impact me much.

    The people that run Lock are just low life common thieves.

    STAY AWAY FROM LOCK!!!!!!!!!!

  25. shanefreeman says:

    I cashed out 4/18/13 for 1500.00 and still havent gotten a penny. The only response I ever got was when I contacted them. Saying your our top priority and my cashout would be extremely soon.

  26. Mrmonkeyball says:

    Waiting on 2k since march 2013, multiple emails to lock with form letter responses. I have over 5k on the site and I think its gone. 🙁

  27. boatsandhos says:

    It’s been a year now waiting on $500.00 cashout from Lock. Don’t expect anything I hope by now everyone has heard about these crooks…… No recourse. No communication from them any more. My mistake. Won’t happen again and I will do all I can to inform others of these thiefs…….

  28. N says:

    I can’t believe it…I withdrew in February of 2013 and over one year later I still do not have my 500$. I just got an email saying I need to migrate, but I still do not get my money.

  29. geico73 says:

    $2000 payout n still nothing it’s been 6 months. They are so full of it . Email “quinn” about it n the they say they can’t provide a tracking number from FedEx such BS.

  30. Kevin says:

    Been waiting over 6 months for a 3k check.

    Still have 29k on lock.

    Will NOT sell at .10 on 2+2 (just makes me puke to see the secondary market value of lock $)

    Most likely will never see my $

    Want to see blood (Jen Larson, Jamie Larson, Shane Bridges, Eric Rizen, Mary, Quinn, and all support staffs)

  31. LockSucksDick says:

    Been waiting over a year for my cashout. Is there any legal action we can press to get our money.

  32. RLer81 says:

    I’m owed 750 $ from last august …. whats going on .. everyone getting stiffed or is it gonna be like poker stars and a wait for them to be sued then settle ???

  33. D Gray says:

    What is the latest on Lock? Any news at all? Been 10 months now since I requested $400 from Lock.

    Just requested $900 from Bovada and got paid in 3 days.

  34. Jay says:

    Have 40K in Lock. requested 2k 15 months ago. no response to emails. no hope

  35. Jimbobama says:

    Cashed out $2500 in Oct. 2013 and still nada. I’ve actually gotten a sick pleasure out of harassing quinn. Nothing abusive. Just a daily email reminding her that they are all thieves. I guess I should give up, but at this point, it’s kind of a daily ritual.

  36. Mark says:

    7/1/14 will be my 1 year anniversary waiting on my $1000 payout from lock …. Lock sucks… Anyone starting a class action lawsuit?

  37. Jesus says:

    I requested my $400 cashout over 4 months and I have got NOTHING!. They always say the same BS. Mine hasn’t even been “VERIFIED” and I’ve been a player for 2-3 years. Is there anything the poker community is doing to press this shitty poker site?

  38. Steven says:

    Been waiting 15 months for 1500 dollar check. Won’t even respond to my emails now!

  39. D Gray says:

    It has now been 18 months waiting for $400. But Lock says it could be any day now……

  40. jason says:

    im coming up on 2 YEARS! 1000 bucks that I could really use right now. not sure how this can be legal.

  41. Kmundis says:

    We all need to get together and file a class action lawsuit. Let’s do something about this! Hell, I deposited tens of thousands of dollars at Lock Casino in just a couple of months. I am sure many of you experienced the same. No way in hell we should just “let it go”. Please let me know if anyone is in on this with me.

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