Liv Boeree Endorses Annie Duke’s New Book as Poker Twitter Groans

April 18th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree gave a ringing endorsement to Annie Duke’s new book, “Thinking in Bets,” and received a heavy dose of “wtf” from Poker Twitter as a result, but also found some on social media supporting her take.

Liv Boeree Annie Duke

Liv Boeree gave a ringing endorsement to Annie Duke’s new book, a comment that angered many on Poker Twitter. (Image: YouTube)

Here is a look at some of the responses trending on Twitter recently.

Those new to the game may be scratching their heads thinking, “who the heck is Annie Duke?”

Dubbed “The Dutchess of Poker,” Duke has a WSOP bracelet and nearly $4.3 million in tournament winnings, making her the third most successful female poker player of all time (behind Kathy Liebert and Vanessa Selbst), though she hasn’t posted a score since 2010.

She is also the sister of Howard Lederer, both prominent poker figures during the poker boom era who often competed in televised poker shows such as “Poker After Dark” and “High Stakes Poker.”

Like her brother, Duke hasn’t spent much time in poker rooms the past six years after getting caught up in a scandal that angered the poker community.

In February 2012, the Epic Poker League, which was in its first season, folded and was forced to file bankruptcy. Duke was commissioner, which had promised a $1 million guaranteed freeroll at the conclusion of the season.

That tournament never took place, yet Duke still received a six-figure payment from the bankrupt company.

Odd Endorsement, Old Grudges

Between her association with Epic Poker League and Ultimate Bet, a defunct poker site she defended despite strong evidence of widespread cheating between players, you won’t find many poker people praising Annie Duke these days. Some pros were taken aback by Boeree’s endorsement of Duke’s book.

Seiver and Boeree, two openly liberal poker players, often see eye to eye on various issues, but not this one. Jason Mercier, who cashed in two of the three Epic Poker League events and was well on his way to earning a spot in the $1 million freeroll, said Duke should have been sued but poker players are “too lazy.”

After one Twitter user who doesn’t even have a profile picture suggested poker players should “get over it” as it has “been years,” and quit being so hostile towards Duke, Todd Brunson, who hasn’t held back on his disdain for the former Ultimate Bet ambassador, compared Annie to one of the most notorious financial scam artists in American history.

After receiving backlash for her original post endorsing Duke, Boeree defended her position, saying “the book is really good” and a “net positive for the world if people read it.” The PokerStars Team Pro member says she has “heard both sides of the story,” likely referring to the Epic Poker League scandal, and suggests others in the poker community haven’t.

Parker “tonkaaaap” Talbot, one of the most popular Twitch poker streamers, wasn’t buying the response, and suggested Boeree should be careful promoting the book of “someone generally hated by what I would assume is most of your followers.”

Agreeing to Disagree

For the most part, Poker Twitter wasn’t receptive to Boeree’s endorsement of Duke. But there were some players who agreed with her point of view.

Dan O’Brien is never afraid to take an unpopular stance on an issue. So, it wasn’t surprising to see he defended Boeree.

O’Brien clarified he “isn’t saying she’s right,” although he also didn’t say if he disagrees with Boeree. But he said the “tone of people responding” were less than “civil.”

Dan may be right in that Poker Twitter’s response to post was uncivil. But it’s understandably hard for some poker players to be civil when discussing Annie Duke, especially those who were affected by her role in the Ultimate Bet and Epic Poker League scandals.

Boeree is a skilled poker player who has won over $3.6 million lifetime in tournaments and has been a valuable asset to the poker community for many years. But she has to know there will be backlash when defending someone who many poker players hate.

12 Responses to “Liv Boeree Endorses Annie Duke’s New Book as Poker Twitter Groans”

  1. nevadanick says:

    Restoring respect for someone who has paid their debt to society is one thing. Supporting an unrepentant, unremorseful thief is quite another.

    Duke’s book = 0 / Fail = 1
    Boeree = 0 / Fail = 2
    Ferguson POY = 0 / Fail = 3

  2. mst32ro says:

    I think that Duke’s book will not be a commercial success.

  3. 8bod8 says:

    Someone is not liked, writes a potentially good book.
    A pro like Liv checks and makes a technical evaluation and says: good book.
    Then the public oppinion projects the general dislike on the pro.
    This is no more than mass manipulation, once a potential thief, always a thief; feel sorry for Liv.
    Liv’s action seems to have been politically incorrect (likely technically sound).
    Usually the poker community is more open minded, appearantly not always.

  4. TheShek says:

    Somebody should upload the book to the internet so everyone can steal it.

  5. BiliousBetil says:

    Hold on a minute. Ultimate Bet is one thing, but Epic Poker is quite another. Duke was commissioner, which meant she was responsible for operations, not financing. When the financial backers pulled their support, what was Duke supposed to do, hold a bake sale? Regarding being paid for her services, anyone here willing to go to work for free?

  6. CallmeFloppy says:

    I have never really been an Annie Duke fan and she is not one of the people that I would choose to support. However, I have previously read some of Annie’s books after being told multiple times I should and have been impressed with the contents.

    The Middle Zone is a great book, a short read, and is something I would recommend to any poker player. Even if you do not agree with what she says, it is thought provoking which I think is the greatest aspect any book can offer. Not just a blueprint to follow blindly, but a way to actively think about hands.

    I will let everyone make their own decisions about Annie Duke as a person and if they want to support her. My take on it is, if this book is going to benefit me and my game, I will pick it up.

  7. effece says:

    Maybe Liv’s answering refers to the content of the book and not strictly to the person of the writer. although his act is deplorable wrapped in a scam, the concepts expressed in his words are correct.

  8. SPANKYSN says:

    I am not that conversant with Annie Duke’s previous history beyond watching her on TV play poker (and on The Celebrity Apprentice). She impressed me as intelligent and articulate. Has she made mistakes in life…sure; haven’t we all ? But don’t give Liv Boeree so much flack because she got something out of Duke’s book. Free speech is a right in America; cherish it ! Disagree if you wish, but let’s cut Liv some slack.

  9. moots says:

    I noticed Justin Bonomo replied to Liv’s tweet about Annie Duke and the cheating that went on with Ultimate Bet. Didn’t Justin get caught multi-accounting in his early days of poker? That’s a bit weird.

  10. Alexandr Svinarshyk says:

    The author of the book writes what he considers necessary. we have the right to criticize the author for his book.

  11. tagece says:

    I think people are being a bit extreme about Liv Boeree. She did not refer to the person of Annie Duke, but to her book. If she likes it, she has every right to praise it. Some writers and artists who left their legacy to the world were hateful people in their personal lives. But we should not burn your books, paintings and sheet music.

  12. AvovchikA says:

    A talented writer does not have to be a good person. The question is whether he is talented, is the book good? And this can be learned only after reading the book. The rest probably should pass by

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