King’s Casino Owner Leon Tsoukernik Provides Food, Housing, Jobs for 500 Ukrainian Refugees

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Leon Tsoukernik, the owner of King’s Resort and King’s Casino, has joined the poker community’s efforts to help Ukrainians by giving shelter to 500 refugees.

Leon Tsoukernik
King’s Resort owner Leon Tsoukernik has offered accommodation, food, and employment to 500 Ukrainian refugees. (Image: Wikipedia/Hkaralahti)

News of Tsoukernik’s generous act didn’t come from the man himself but Eugene Katchalov. The former poker pro turned eSports innovator, has become the community’s man on the ground since escaping war-torn Ukraine earlier this month.

Now safely in the Czech Republic, Katchalov has been helping his family and friends find safety. That’s where Tsoukernik comes in. The businessman and poker enthusiast has rented multiple hotels and opened them up to Ukrainian refugees.

Leon Tsoukernik offers more than shelter

Katchalov learned about Tsoukernik’s plan from friend and poker pro, Bertrand Grospellier. He told his family and friends about it and, as he explained in Sunday’s tweet, they’ve all managed to make it out of Ukraine to safety.

Tsoukernik is personally paying to house refugees in the Czech town of Mariánské Lázně. A total of 500 people have been guaranteed a room and all meals for at least one month. As well as covering these costs, Tsoukernik is helping people obtain legal refugee status.

Finally, he has offered a job to anyone that wants one. Katchalov doesn’t need the help, so he has rented a nearby Airbnb so he can be close to his family. However, he expressed his gratitude to Tsoukernik and posted a picture of the refugees safely housed in one of the hotels (see above).

Poker community comes together for Ukraine

The poker community has, as it often does, banded together to help victims of the war in Ukraine. Tony G, a friend of Leon Tsoukernik, has launched a number of fundraisers, as has Dusk Till Dawn owner, Rob Yong.

Major online poker sites have also shown their support for Ukraine by suspending operations in Russia. PokerStars made the first move, followed by 888Poker.

The collective efforts of those in poker might only scratch the surface, but they’re undoubtedly providing vital aid to Ukrainians suffering at the hands of Vladimir Putin.

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