King’s Casino Aims to Reopen on November 30 as Czech COVID Cases Fall

King’s Casino Rozvadov was one of the first European venues to reopen following the COVID-19 outbreak in March, and now it’s preparing for round two.

King’s Casino Rozvadov

King’s Casino Rozvadov has announced it will reopen on Nov. 30 after being forced to close in October. (Image: Kings-Resort)

The Czech casino was forced to close its doors again on Oct. 9 due to new government restrictions.

The initial plan was to reopen on Oct. 26, but that date soon came and went. Pushbacks continued and the latest plan is to get back to business on Nov. 30.

COVID Infections Falling in Czech Republic

Although a lot can happen between now and then, falling infection rates mean restrictions in the Czech Republic are easing. Curfews recently moved from 9pm to 11pm, and leisure facilities are gradually being reopened.

The Czech Republic’s prime minister, Andrej Babiš, confirmed he’ll allow more freedoms as the government’s COVID scoring system improves. Based on the current rating of 62, the country can move from Tier 5 (the highest level) to Tier 4.

czech covid

COVID cases in the Czech Republic are falling. (Image: Worldometers)

It’s not clear if King’s Casino Rozvadov has been told it can reopen, or whether its owners are looking at what’s allowed in Tier 4. Either way, the plan is to return to action on Nov. 30.

This means visitors will be able to purchase food and drink, play casino games, and ante up at the poker table. For the time-being, tournaments appear to be off the menu.

Over the summer months, King’s Casino was quick to bring back tournaments. That’s important given the recent announcement by the WSOP.

With one of its new hybrid Main Event final tables scheduled to take place at King’s Casino, organizers need the venue to be open Dec. 15.

King’s Casino Needs to Get Back to Business

The reopening is good news for poker players, but some people are less thrilled. Twitter user BigBen999 asked if the owners were “sure” they’re going to reopen. Others with a microscopic view COVID-19 have labeled the move as “gross.”

Emotions aside, King’s Casino Rozvadov will follow government guidelines. It followed all necessary safety measures earlier this year and, if it’s able to reopen on Nov. 30, it will do the same again.

Casinos across Europe are suffering financially due to COVID-9 restrictions. Operators in England have been forced to cut staff and many poker rooms will never reopen.

King’s Casino might be the largest poker room in Europe, but it isn’t immune from going broke. It now has a chance to reopen and provide a positive end to the year for poker players and the WSOP.

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