Joe Ingram Caps Off ‘Alec Torelli Week’ on ‘Live at the Bike’ by Booting Guest from Show

March 27th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Joe Ingram has no patience for those who he perceives to be lying. During his “Out of Line” podcast Monday night, the PLO specialist and YouTube personality cut off guest Alec Torelli for being “inauthentic,” abruptly ending an interview that some saw as Torelli’s attempt to get back into the poker community’s good graces.

Alec Torelli Joey Ingram

Alec Torelli got cut off during Joe Ingram’s “Out of Line” podcast for being “inauthentic.” (Image: YouTube)

Torelli, a cash game grinder and poker coach, drew the ire of poker fans in May 2017 on an episode of “Poker Night in America” in which he did something that many considered angle-shooting. When Doug Polk called him out for it in a YouTube rant shortly thereafter, Polk’s 181,000 followers led a virtual revolt against Torelli.

The PNIA hand in question came against Daniel Wolf, who pushed all-in with a marginal hand, not realizing the size of Torelli’s stack, because, it seemed, his largest denomination chips were hidden behind the rest of his stack. Poor poker etiquette that Torelli, an experienced player, would know is inappropriate, albeit not technically cheating.

Polk showed the clip of the hand in question to his YouTube subscribers and criticized Torelli’s character.

Don’t Call It a Comeback

After three months of avoiding social media and remaining silent, Torelli responded with a partial apology in a lengthy video on his own YouTube channel last fall that refuted Polk’s accusations. But few bought the sincerity of his expressed remorse.

Over the next six months, Torelli refrained from posting much of anything on social media until in February, to the poker community’s chagrin, it was announced that “Live at the Bike” would feature a special “Alec Torelli Week.” Those series of cash games were held last week, and at the end, Torelli appeared as a guest on Joe Ingram’s weekly “Out of Line” podcast, but things didn’t go so well, to put it mildly.

Ingram, a close friend of Polk’s, addressed the elephant in the room right from the start of the interview. He didn’t bring Torelli on the podcast to discuss crocheting techniques or Final Four predictions.

“After that happens, why not just come out and say, ‘yeah, I f*cked up?” Ingram asked, referencing the alleged angle-shoot.

“Look, the hand happened a year before this event and, like, there was no problem with anyone that was there at the table in real-time,” Torelli responded. “Nobody thought that anything malicious happened or that there was any problem with it. I apologized to Wolf in real-time.”

Torelli blamed Polk for unfairly turning the poker community against him.

Blown Stack

Ingram’s patience was tested, and it showed throughout the heated conversation. At the 20:42 mark of the interview, following an apology from Torelli, Ingram told him straight up, “I don’t see a lot of sincerity out of what you’re saying.”

The host argued that Torelli’s only purpose for coming on the show was to “better” his image.

“No, no I don’t,” Torelli fired back. “That’s not my goal.”

Torelli attempted to apologize and have a civil conversation, but Ingram refused to take him seriously.

“I’ve got no love for angle-shooters, bro. That’s not a thing I want to promote to the community” Joey said.

“Alright, so you just wanted me to come on so you could drill me?” Torelli said, clearly frustrated. “I mean, you could have drilled me privately.”

Torelli tried to move on and bring up another topic, but Ingram wasn’t having any of it. “I don’t know what to say,” the host says at the 48:00 mark. “I feel it’s all inauthentic. It’s all just an act to get people to like you.”

With that, Ingram ended the interview without even saying goodbye.

“I can’t handle this sh*t no more,” Ingram said, turning back to his listeners. “I don’t care if you guys are upset or not. It’s cool what it is. I can’t listen to the f*cking guy.”

7 Responses to “Joe Ingram Caps Off ‘Alec Torelli Week’ on ‘Live at the Bike’ by Booting Guest from Show”

  1. WhereDidMyEVGo says:

    To clarify, Wolf did not call an all-in bet from Torelli, he made an all-in bet.

  2. Jooseme says:

    This was pure angleshooting

  3. Aaron Soto says:

    Ingram is an absolutely NOBODY in the Poker Community. What a fucking joke. As a matter a fact the guy is not even a Profitable Poker Player!!!! Why is even giving so much shit to Torelli. Sounds to me like a losing poker player trying to get his name credited off Torelli. This is OLD NEWS about this stupid angle shooting bull shit.

    • XXM5XX says:

      Aaron Soto…. Joe Ingram actually dislikes me, so I’m not defending Joe as a friend, but Joe Ingram is most definitely SOMEBODY in the poker community. If you don’t realize this, you don’t get out much. What happened in the hand against Wolf was the real BS. Should there be a statute of limitations on Torelli’s actions against everyone at that table that day, 12 months isn’t enough time IMHO. Furthermore, Alec has done little to make restitution over the past year. Alec blames others (like Polk) which is pathological.

  4. Kashtree says:

    I am not trying to apologize for Torelli’s actions in the hand or after. But for Joe to try and railroad Torelli like this is completely unfair in my opinion. The guy has been hiding out for over a year. He is INVITED to play for a week by people that Joe has a close ties with and asks for an interview at the end of that week. I’m sure Torelli knew he would be questioned about the incident. But probably thought the interview would for the most part, recapping the sessions he had just played. Joe opens the interview questioning about it, Torelli offers an apology, and Joe is still beating him up about it 48 minutes later? Its completely unprofessional. Its a live interview. Its up to the listener to decide if the apology is sincere. And there is plenty of media that can be reviewed by listeners to arrive at their own conclusions. But its unprofessional of Joe to railroad Torelli publicly like this. Its almost as if it was premeditated. Like “lets invite Torelli to play for a week and we will try and clean him out. And if he has a winning week we can still let Joe make an ass out of him and run him into the ground at the end of the week.” If that is the case then the integrity of everyone involved with live at the bike and Joes podcast should be questioned.

  5. T.R. says:

    Agreed 100% with Kashtree and Aaron. It was definitely planned and the little respect I had for Ingram was lost with this interview. Had to be all planned, no other way. Ingram did his Oprah move. Not sure tbh, was it to increase his own popularity in the poker community or is he really that thick. Doesn’t strike me like an idiot so it has be the former.

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