Joe Ingram Music Video Prop Bet: 100K YouTube Views to Win $10,000

August 16th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

It’s going to be a great summer for Joe Ingram if he can get 100,000 views by Sept. 6 on a YouTube music video he created for prop betting purposes.

Joe Ingram poker

Gus Hansen was the star of the first music video ever produced by poker personality Joey Ingram, who hasn’t made a decision yet about what he’ll be wearing on the red carpet for the Grammys or MTV Music Awards. (Image: YouTube/JoeIngram1)

The poker podcaster and pot-limit Omaha enthusiast will win $10,000 if he hits 100,000 views on the video. Unfortunately, “Papi” doesn’t show off his rap skills as the music is nothing more than Gus Hansen repeating the phrase, “it’s going to be a great summer.”

Is it Going to Be a Great Summer?

We’ll let you judge Ingram’s music video creation skills.

Ingram received some criticism for his video on Twitter, but he admitted that putting together a Grammy Award-winning song wasn’t among his priorities.

“It isn’t supposed to be good. I did what I could myself,” he wrote in response to a critical fan.

Not everyone was negative towards the PLO specialist. Some appeared to appreciate his efforts and wished him good luck, including Scott Seiver.

Ingram released the video on Wednesday and had nearly 23,000 views as of Thursday morning. With three weeks to go, he’s well on pace to hit his goal and win the $10,000.

Habitual Prop Bettor

Joey has become one of poker’s most avid prop bettors. The podcaster has taken on numerous crazy wagers over the past year, including a $15,000 bet with Bill Perkins that he could swim a mile. The bet was called off due to weather.

Ingram also bet a pair of entrepreneurs he could host a 30-minute podcast in Mandarin, one of the toughest languages to learn. If he wins the bet, he’ll receive $45,000. He has until October to pull it off.

If Papi can get to 100,000 views on his “music” video and learn to speak Mandarin, it’s really going to be a great summer.

7 Responses to “Joe Ingram Music Video Prop Bet: 100K YouTube Views to Win $10,000”

  1. Spaceman says:

    With Cardschat having over 250.000 members, I think just posting the Youtube video here should earn Cardschat a share of that prop bet money 😀 😀

  2. Salavat Kozhakhmetov says:

    the video has already gained 50,000 views,and I think that he will perform his task ahead of schedule, as for the video cutting is very funny and interesting in my opinion!

  3. zam220 says:

    It should get 100k Views by September 6th to win the bet! I’ve watched this short video and it’s already been watched by over 56K, so it should win.

  4. Chalada12 says:

    Well seems poker isn’t enough for Joe Ingram to win money , so he s trying to make more using music, and YouTube . That s good , I think whatever legal way can someone’s use to get money is benefits. So I hope he gets his goal .

  5. shanest says:

    He’s at close to 75k with 2 weeks left. Nice work from Joey. Surprised he got action on that bet. With 45k subscribers and other social media platform with good followings it wouldn’t have been too hard to get the clicks.
    Good to see him win. I like Joey. Not the best song though.

  6. veritasi says:

    he’s really a good player, i’ve watched many of his games, but this video is quite freaky)

  7. Paya_31 says:

    I took it with great grace at first this news, but then I saw the video and the truth is good. Congratulations, very good video and I think you will be able to win the $ 10,000. What’s more, I’ve already liked the video. Only the lyrics do not help but the editing of the video is good.

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