Jared Jaffee Wins WPT bestbet Jacksonville Event

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The six-handed final table at the Season XII World Poker Tour (WPT) bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble wrapped up with poker pro Jared Jaffee on top. The final table was concluded after just under 100 hands were played in almost a four hours of play. The victory is sweet redemption for Jaffee, who had made two previous final tables on the World Poker Tour without a win.

Final Table Action

A total of 358 grinders entered the tournament, with Jaffee enjoying a monster stack at the final table once it began action. The final table shaped up as:

Seat 1: Johnny Price — 940,000 (23 bb)
Seat 2: Jared Jaffee — 3,650,000 (91 bb)

Seat 3: Blake Purvis — 1,400,000 (35 bb)
Seat 4: Margo Costa — 1,720,000 (43 bb)
Seat 5: Michael Horchoff — 1,525,000 (38 bb)

Seat 6: Corrie Wunstel — 1,495,000 (37 bb)

On the seventh hand of action at the final table, Jaffee was able to eliminate Johnny Price (who won into the tournament via a satellite) with pocket aces against Price’s pocket tens. Jaffee continued his warpath by eliminating Corrie Wunstel by winning a flip with pocket nines against Wunstel’s A-J offsuit.

Margo Costa started in second place and was chipping up as play extended at the final table. However, she came tumbling back to the pack and eventually was eliminated by going all-in with KT of hearts on a Q-4-3 board with two spades and being called by pocket sevens by Blake Purvis. Costa failed to catch a king or a ten and was taken out in fourth place for $79,114. Purvis, by taking out Costa, rivaled Jaffee’s stack, while Michael Horchoff was able to get the most out of his ten big blind shortstack. Predictably, Horchoff lost his stack when his K-7 off failed to hold up against J-8 suited when Purvis hit two pair. For his third place shortstacking efforts, Horchoff took home a six-figure payday with $106,904.

Heads Up Win

When heads-up play began, Purvis and Jaffee were nearly identical in chip stacks. Technically, they were within a big blind of each other and Purvis (for the first time all day) had the chip lead. Jaffee was able to win the first two hands to gain the edge and, after 40 hands were played heads-up, held a two-to-one advantage in chips. On the final hand, Purvis shoved pocket aces into a J-J-6 board with two hearts. Jaffee held 4-2 of hearts and won the tournament by calling and spiking the queen of hearts on the river for a flush. Since one of the aces held by Purvis was a heart, Jaffee was able to win despite a 72-28% disadvantage in the hand when the chips were shoved in.

Final Table Payouts

1st: Jared Jaffee — $252,749
2nd: Blake Purvis — $166,139
3rd: Michael Horchoff — $106,904
4th: Margo Costa — $79,114
5th: Corrie Wunstel — $59,335
6th: Johnny Price — $47,468

A Little About Jaffee

Jaffee is originally from Brooklyn and is a professional poker player. He has one other title won in 2013, back at the Aria Poker Classic in the $1,080 championship played in July. He has four other final tables, including an impressive third-place finish in a NLHE WSOP event. Jaffee is no stranger to success though, as multiple poker player databases list him as having over $1.3 million in casino winnings and over $435k in online winnings.

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