James Woods Crosses Party Lines to Help California Fire Victims

November 12th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Actor James Woods, one of Hollywood’s most passionate poker players, is putting his anti-liberal crusade on hold momentarily to assist in a human tragedy. The co-star of the 1990s cult classic “Casino” is helping families of California fire victims locate their loved ones on Twitter.

James Woods California fires

James Woods is assisting families in locating missing California fire victims on Twitter. (Image: dailywire.com)

By tweeting with hashtag #SoCalFiresJamesWoods, Twitter users can ask the retired actor to spread word that someone they know, or even a pet, is missing. Woods has over 1.8 million followers.

Over the past couple of days, the celebrity’s Twitter feed has changed a bit. Most of his previous posts the past couple of years have been either a compliment towards President Trump or a dis to liberals and the “fake news” media.

But with tragedy hitting his home state, he’s gone from political pundit to humanitarian. He even crossed party lines to assist staunch liberal actress Alyssa Milano.

Everything Doesn’t Have to be About Politics

Wildfires in northern and southern California are causing destruction across the state. Due to the extreme nature of the fires, many have died or lost homes. Celebrities Miley Cyrus and Neil Young are among those whose homes were destroyed.

As of Monday morning, NPR reports that 31 people have died due to the fires. And it’s certainly possible the death toll will rise considering over 200 people remain missing. It’s already the deadliest fire in California’s history.

With the fire still blazing, USA Today estimates some 57,000 buildings are in jeopardy. The wildfires have affected people in northern California and down in the southern part of the state in Malibu, a popular beach community.

President Trump issued an emergency declaration and also provided federal funds for three California counties.

James Woods to the Rescue

Woods asked those affected by the fires to tweet hashtag #SoCalFiresJamesWoods to locate missing individuals. Because of his fame, he’s been able to reach a large audience by retweeting these requests.

Thousands have tweeted at Woods. Due to his frequent harsh political takes, many Twitter users refuse to give him credit. But it appears that most, even some liberals, have been thankful for his efforts.

When James Woods isn’t busy bashing liberals or helping fire victims, he’s often at the poker table. In recent years, the actor has been a regular at the WSOP. This past summer, he finished fifth in a $1,500 Dealers Choice 6-Handed bracelet event for $23,686, his deepest WSOP run ever.

In September, Woods was temporarily suspended from Twitter for spreading fake news. He returned weeks later after agreeing to delete posts that promoted a debunked conspiracy theory. Whether you agree with his politics or not, most would agree he’s needed on Twitter right now.

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  1. PsychoVas says:

    It’s good to see that a very good actor and poker afficionado is also a decent humanitarian, even if he supports Trump, who evidently isn’t…
    Compliments on his use of the social medium in order to help others.One would think that every celebrity would do the same, but it’s not the case as it seems…
    May the victims be as few as humanly possible. Our thoughts extend to California.

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