Is Leonardo DiCaprio a Poker Deadbeat? Pop Singer Ronan Keating Shares Tale of Being Stiffed

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Irish pop star Ronan Keating says actor Leonardo DiCaprio owes him money from a private poker game in Australia.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Deadbeat DiCaprio? Supposedly the A-list movie star still owes Boyzone’s Ronan Keating a couple hundred dollars. (Image: Digital Spy)

Speaking on Aussie radio show Stav, Abby & Matt, the Boyzone front man said he played cards with DiCaprio in Sydney while on a business trip. At the time, DiCaprio was filming “The Great Gatsby” and Keating recalls the cards were on the Hollywood star’s side.

“I think he took a couple of hundred dollars off me,” Keating replied when asked how the 2013 game went. But he added that he probably finished closer to even had DiCaprio paid back money he had to loan him for a buy-in.

“I think I loaned him a couple of hundred dollars to get into the game,” Keating quipped.

Friendly Table Talk

In a previous interview with, the singer also revealed that the two shared some needling at the table. After both men auditioned for a part in Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 movie Moulin Rouge, Keating broached the subject while playing poker.

“Man, what about Moulin Rouge?” he said during the game. “F**k me, I couldn’t act,”

Quick to reply, DiCaprio made light of the fact he was auditioning for a role that involved singing when his vocal talents weren’t quite up to scratch.

“Hey, Ronan, you couldn’t act, and I couldn’t f**king sing for s**t,” Keating recalls.

Given the good-natured back-and-forth and Keating’s tone during the radio interview, it’s obvious the “poker debt” is nothing more than banter. We know DiCaprio has a long association with poker and the latest news certainly supports Molly Bloom’s claim that he was one of the more affable players in her infamous high stakes games.

DiCaprio Keeps His Cool

One of the original players, DiCaprio had a relaxed demeanor, according to Bloom’s book.

“He had a strange style at the table, though; it was almost as if he wasn’t trying to win or lose. He folded most hands and listened to music on huge headphones,” reads an extract from Molly’s Game.

For those that have read the book or seen the 2017 movie, Bloom’s characterization of DiCaprio sits in contrast to her assessment of Tobey Maguire. Another regular in the secretive games, Bloom describes her relationship with the actor as toxic following a number of angry outbursts.

DiCaprio, however, appears to be a cool and charismatic at the felt, even if he does forget to pay his debts.

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