Insta-Millionaire: Nic Manion Lives Large after 4th Place Finish in WSOP Main Event

August 7th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

What would you do with your share of the money for making the World Series of Poker Main Event final table? If you’re anything like Nic Manion, 4th place finisher at the 2018 WSOP, you’d head straight to the car dealership and buy your dream automobile. Two of them, actually.

Nic Manion 2018 WSOP

2018 WSOP Main Event 4th place finisher Nic Manion shows off the new Corvette he purchased with his $2.85 million winnings. (Image:

Manion, 35, told his hometown Detroit News that he had never made more than $30,000 a year before coming oh-so-close to winning poker’s world championship event last month. But when the wire transfer from the WSOP went through to his bank account — your account balance is now two million, eight hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars — he was understandably excited to start shopping for material possessions he previously couldn’t afford.

The almost world champion who held the chip lead heading into the final table shared with the News a few of his early major purchases.

Hopefully, he won’t be broke before I finish writing this article.

When Average Joe Strikes it Rich

Manion bought two automobiles – a 2019 Corvette Z06 and 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Duramax LTZ truck – valued at $126,195 combined, according to the MSRP. His other purchase, a 2019 Cherokee Wolf Pack Hauler Trailer, costs an estimated $39,000.

The unselfish poker player thought of his family when making those purchases.

“We’ve always went to the [Upper Peninsula] camping and stuff,” he told The Detroit News. “And my parents can now travel and use this stuff whenever, and my sister, her husband and their 2-year-old. So, it’s not just for me, but a family investment thing.”

Manion, who had just $16,000 in lifetime tournament winnings prior to the Main Event, made more in one tournament than he had his entire life, but he isn’t yet as rich as some might think.

Out of the $2.85 million he won, Manion owes 50 percent to his friend and backer, Jeremy Martin, and 3.5 percent total to two other small investors. Subtract taxes from his winnings along with his recent major purchases and while he’s most certainly better off financially than a month ago, he likely can’t retire comfortably quite yet.

Manion was one of two Michiganders at the final table. The other, Joe Cada, is used to huge paydays. The former world champion and four-time WSOP bracelet winner won $8.5 million in the 2009 Main Event and scooped another $2.15 million this year for finishing in 5th place.

 Life-Changing Money

Manion’s run to near poker glory included winning one of the most memorable hands in Main Event history on the final table bubble. With 10 players remaining, he picked up pocket aces in a dream situation.

The Michigan native got all his chips in the middle pre-flop against two players, Antoine Labat and Yueqi Zhu, both holding pocket kings, a dominating position that held up. Zhu was eliminated in 10th place ($850,052) and Manion moved into the chip lead heading into the final table while Labat was crippled and eventually busted in 9th place ($1 million)

Despite his chip position as the final table began, Manion’s rungood did eventually come to an end. But he was still able to coast to an impressive 4th place finish — winning almost enough money to set himself up for life … or at least buy some pretty cool toys.

17 Responses to “Insta-Millionaire: Nic Manion Lives Large after 4th Place Finish in WSOP Main Event”

  1. Smokewood says:

    Waste of money, foolish decision.

  2. pokerpick311 says:

    No es tan millonario como para comprar autos de lujos, en cambio invertiría en bienes raíces para generar dinero seguro, porque todo lo que llega fácil, se va fácil.

  3. Max Diver says:

    I hope he invest most of it smart. Fancy cars and all those staff in the future it might be a bad call…

  4. Sil3ntness says:

    It’s ok to splurge a little bit, but hopefully that car doesn’t make him a magnet to thieves. Would hate for his car to get jacked in a bad neighborhood.

  5. gardin555 says:

    Nice car!, After his 4 place at world-championship win, having played against more than 7K players and won $ 2.85 million he deserves to give himself his good prize.
    He maybe should to continue playing poker taking advantage of his good run.
    I hope he could to move well the rest of the money and invest it wisely.
    Enjoy it Nic!!

  6. virus94 says:

    Nic Manion just chill out and take pleasure from money which he earns. He deserved it.

  7. VerSuKa says:

    My congratulations to Nic, his efforts deserve a reward !

  8. Dailon Arroyo Blandon says:

    after winning so much money in a tournament … you can give yourself some luxuries … however I would make investments that generate more money ..! still congratulations. And once again this wonderful game of poker continues to give these great satifactions ..!

  9. antonis32123 says:

    He earned so much money after the Main event and the 4th place , he played so well that he deserves to buy presents to himself (and to his family ) . He bought one good car , no , two cars , hehe , well he is a millionaire , he can have two or more of everything 🙂
    I would buy one car and one house in his place 🙂

  10. step055 says:

    First of all I ‘d like to congratulate this lucky man) To my mind when you win a big prize the main point is to spend it in a right way. Of course it is absolutely normal to buy presents and enjoy some things that you couldn’t afford before. But the winner should be very careful and think about future. To my mind the best way is to invest some money in interesting and profitable projects. But it’s his prize and he has all rights to spend it in his own way. Anyway, I wish him good luck)

  11. PsychoVas says:

    This is a real life poker cinder-fella story! I guess we all dream being in his shoes, even if we would spend the money in a different way.
    I suppose his feelings cannot be imagined!

  12. Zorba says:

    Like he said, he bought things to make his family’s life more enjoyable doing the things they like to do, and a corvette to play with, good luck to him, it’s not like he spent a lot of his winnings doing so.

  13. bablovod says:

    I would also first buy a good car to move with pleasure, and then of course to deal with all sorts of benefits for the family. if you win, then you can treat yourself.

  14. Rosxana13 says:

    Crazy Decisions I always have been a Plan Person I would definetly look for finance manager and see where I could Invested in a smart way to generate more profint and a constant Income For Life so I won’t have to worry about working 12 hours at day and just have good time quality with my family and keep playing poker of course heh 😀

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