GGPoker’s Rise Continues: Positive Feedback Leads to Quick Flip & Go Upgrade

GGPoker’s recent attempt to flip the script on tournaments has been a huge hit. And, thanks to an initial burst of feedback, the site’s Flip & Go MTTs have already been upgraded.

Flip & Go

GGPoker has upgraded its recently released Flip & Go tournament lobby following positive feedback from players. (Image: GGPoker)

After little more than a week, GGPoker has improved its latest innovation. In addition to tournaments at a new buy-in level, the total guaranteed prize pool is now worth more than $160,000.

A representative for GGPoker said the changes were made following positive feedback from the community.

Fourth Flip & Go is Great for Novices

The addition of a fourth Flip & Go not only boosts the daily guarantees, but opens the games up to more players.

In an effort to generate maximum interest among its players, GGPoker has introduced a rake-free tournament that costs $0.05 to enter.

The new line-up looks like this:

  • $0.05 Flip & Go with a guaranteed prize pool of $50
  • $0.50 Flip & Go with a guaranteed prize pool of $300
  • $3 Flip & Go with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000
  • $20 Flip & Go with a guaranteed prize pool of $2,000

Tournaments at each level run multiple times a day. The new $0.05 MTTs are currently attracting the most entrants, but there’s been a fairly even spread across all levels.

The successful launch of a new product always leads to upgrades and updates. A representative for GGPoker told PRO that making changes so quickly was based “primarily” on “community feedback.”

What are Flip & Go Tournaments?

Flip & Go MTTs are split into two stages:

Stage One

  • Players receive three hole cards and choose two to play with
  • Players can win extra chips during this stage if their three hole cards make a ranked hand
  • Each table plays down to one winner

Stage Two

  • When each table has a single winner, everyone converges, and the action plays out as a standard MTT

Flip & Go tournaments are designed to offer something for everyone. For those who enjoy higher variance games, such as Spin & Gos from PokerStars, the initial stage will be appealing. For those that want to play tournament poker as it was intended, the second phase has a more traditional dynamic.

GGPoker Banking on Innovations to Drive Success

New ideas don’t always hit the mark. PokerStars has long been the leader when it comes to trialing different products.

Innovations such as Spin & Gos have proved successful, while others, like Deep Water Hold’em, have fallen short. The message, however, is that innovations generate hype.

GGPoker has clearly taken a leaf out of PokerStars’ playbook. Even though its competitor is still rolling out new features, GGPoker is a rising star.

Thanks to a variety of collaborations and sponsorship deals in 2020, the site became last year’s standout performer. With Flip & Go already proving a hit, 2021 could be another year of gains for GGPoker.

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Daniel Smyth
Dan Smyth is a poker media journeyman who politely reminds CardsChat readers that poker is played all around the world, not just America.

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