GGPoker Responds to Criticism Following Vanessa Kade’s Comments

GGPoker apologized to the poker community for the recent criticism stemming from Vanessa Kade’s affiliate account being terminated over her comments about the poker site hiring Dan Bilzerian as an ambassador. But still won’t reinstate her account.

Vanessa Kade GGPoker Bilzerian

GGPoker, Dan Bilzerian, and Vanessa Kade are linked together in some drama. (Image: YouTube/Nerdthusiast)

The drama started earlier this week when Kade disclosed to poker Twitter that her affiliate account was terminated. The poker site determined that her insulting comments over the Bilzerian hiring were out of bounds.

Kade has been highly critical of GGPoker due to, as she claims, Bilzerian’s misogynistic background. As such, she was none too thrilled when the online poker company brought the social media icon on board.

“Sponsoring a sleazy, sexist tool with toxic followers as poker’s biggest ambassador lends validity to the idea that he’s an accurate representation of our sport. Not unlike supporting a president with similar traits because he would benefit our bottom line. Not worth the price,” Kade tweeted in December.

Bilzerian caught word of her tweets and responded by saying, “Quiet hoe, nobody knows who you are.” She continued bashing the poker site for days, and three months later, her affiliate account was terminated.

GGPoker Doing Damage Control

Three days after Kade shared a DM response from GGPoker informing the poker player that her affiliate account was terminated over the Bilzerian comments, the poker site made a public statement on Twitter to address the issue.

The statement started off by apologizing to their community for the “recent series of events that has led to multiple controversies.” It continued by addressing the accusations the poker site has received in regards to sexism within the company, largely due to the Bilzerian signing.

“As GGPoker has publicly expressed recently, we are doing our best to address inclusivity in poker,” the statement continued. “These efforts are genuine. We can promise you that we are doing our best to help grow the game of poker for everyone.”

But as the internet poker company claims, they can’t control what their ambassadors say and do on social media. Bilzerian has millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. He uses that platform to share photos of his lavish lifestyle, which often includes pictures with scantily clad women, guns, and wild parties.

Lastly, we are sorry for how @VanessaKade feels about our recent ambassador signing. We do hope things improve between you. Once again, there are things we can and cannot do based on contracts,” GGPoker wrote in conclusion.

Despite Kade’s public outcry over the signing, Dan Bilzerian remains an ambassador for GGPoker, although he has done very little to promote the site he represents.

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Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.

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