Full Tilt Poker Offers Personalized Big Bonus Promotion

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Full Tilt Poker announced that they are giving away extra cash to real-money players with its new “Big Bonus” promotion. Full Tilt Poker, owned by PokerStars, is aiming to end the year with a bang by providing their player base a bonus to help boost bankrolls. Currently, Full Tilt Poker is ranked as the fourth largest poker room in the world, according to industry watchdog site, PokerScout.

Free Money is Always Good

To be eligible to receive a Big Bonus award, players needed to have earned just one Full Tilt Point by November 1. All players that have not been able to earn one measly point are ineligible for this promotion, but can still take advantage of the site’s welcome deposit bonus offer.

Every bonus will be personalized for each individual player. Bonuses are already waiting in player accounts and must be accepted by November 12. Players will have two weeks to release their bonus cash by earning Full Tilt Pokers at any real-money table games. Each “Big Bonus” buck is released at a rate of $1 for every 25 Full Tilt Points earned.

How to Accept Your Big Bonus Offer

Players that want to receive the free bonus offer just need to log into Full Tilt Poker. Once you are in the lobby, click on the “Requests” item in the top menu. From there, click on “Check my Bonus Offer…” and you will see a pop-up window which will reveal your bonus offer. You must select “Accept Offer” in order for it to be applied to your account. If you do not explicitly accept the offer, you will not receive it. Remember, each bonus amount is tailored specifically to each player so your bonus might be different than the ones received by people you know.

There is Always a Catch

While no rational poker player is going to scoff at a free bonus offer, there are a few caveats that players should be aware of before engaging in the promotion. First, as mentioned before, players will need to log in and click the “Accept Offer” button for it to be applied. Second, players will only have 14 days from the date the offer was accepted to release the bonus cash. Third, funds are cleared at a rate of $1 for every 25 Full Tilt Points earned by playing real-money hands. Finally, any bonus points earned during Happy Hour promotional hours do not count towards clearing the Big Bonus.

What it Takes to Receive Your Bonus

Remember, in ring games, points are awarded to each player based on the amount of rake taken from each pot and each player’s promotional contribution to the rake. Only players who put in money into a raked pot get points. In tournaments, for every dollar paid in fees, players get 10 full tilt points. If you happen to get a paltry $20 (which might be a King’s ransom for penny stakes players) bonus offer, you will need to earn 500 Full Tilt Points to release the bonus.

Multiple Bonuses?

If you happen to have multiple bonuses in your account at Full Tilt, you will need to manage them inside the poker site’s software. Go into the “Bonus Account” button inside the cashier to select a bonus. The one that the arrow is pointing to will become the active bonus and all points earned at the tables will be applied to that specific bonus offer.

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