Poker Pro Bradley Ruben Charged in Fatal Car Crash, Admits to Eating Marijuana Edible

Florida Poker Pro Bradley Ruben Charged in Fatal Car Crash, Admits to Eating Marijuana Edible

May 18th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Florida Poker pro Bradley Ruben was charged in Broward County with failure to remain at the scene of a crash and resisting arrest after allegedly crashing into and killing a man who was assisting his wife who had been involved in a separate accident.

 Bradley Ruben crash poker

Florida poker pro Bradley Ruben has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident after crashing into and killing a man attempting to help his wife who had been involved in an earlier accident. (Image: NBC Miami)

Ruben told police he had taken a marijuana-laced edible prior to the crash. He wasn’t charged with DUI, although he admitted the edible affected his driving, but did submit a blood draw after being arrested.

The poker pro appeared in court on Thursday and was ordered to pay a $100,000 bond or remain in jail until trial. His attorney told the judge that amount is “incredibly excessive” given the charges he faces. His lawyer also argued this isn’t a “typical fleeing case,” and that bond should be lowered since he was apprehended shortly after fleeing the scene.

What Happened?

According to the police report, Aleshandra Favre was involved in an earlier accident on Interstate 95 and had called a tow truck and her husband, Juan Pedro Garcia, for assistance. After the husband arrived, Ruben crashed into the back of his car causing serious injury. He was rushed to North Broward Hospital where he later died.

The tow truck driver told police the suspect only stuck around for moments before running away from the scene. A Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputy tracked him down about a quarter-mile from the accident. The deputy said Ruben was initially irate and combative, resisting arrest, before being taken into custody.

After being interviewed by investigators, he admitted the marijuana-laced edible affected his driving. A county prosecutor argued in bond court that Ruben is a flight risk given his behavior immediately following the accident.

“The witness did state that the defendant crashed and then ran,” the prosecutor told the judge. “He continued to run southbound on foot. He didn’t walk away casually.”

The prosecutor argued that since the accident took place on a major interstate, it would have been difficult for the defendant to get far on foot and, therefore, she felt the judge should consider Ruben a flight risk even though he only escaped a short distance.

Skilled Poker Player

Ruben is a successful poker player with 15 WSOP cashes, including six in 2017. He has $368,000 in lifetime live tournament winnings. He earned his biggest score ever last year when he finished 3rd in WSOP Event #69, $1,500 Razz, for $55,958.

The Florida poker pro made it to Day Four in the 2013 WSOP Main Event and was eliminated in 501st place.

According to Ruben’s LinkedIn page, he is also a licensed ReMax real estate agent.

Those careers may be on hold while he handles a more pressing issue and could face additional charges.

27 Responses to “Florida Poker Pro Bradley Ruben Charged in Fatal Car Crash, Admits to Eating Marijuana Edible”

  1. cwdignus says:

    drugs and the direction of automobiles do not really match … a great victor at the tables, now suffering a setback in life by a bad decision ….the more accurate attitude would bring into our lives the ability to make positive decisions, but mistakes unfortunately happen and the price can be high

  2. Smokewood says:

    He’ll be in jail for at least 20 years.
    It’s fucking manslaughter.

    Tip: Don’t drive while impaired on ANYTHING.

  3. mitchy boi says:

    He’s going to jail no doubt about it.

    USA is super strict on traffic deaths unless you’r related to a kardashian.

  4. Sil3ntness says:

    He made it worse by trying to leave the scene.

  5. Claudia De Anda says:

    He is a murderer, he killed a good man, father of six children, two of them 8 and 9 years old who will now have to live without his father, leave a wife he loved, Pedro was a hardworking and honest man. It is totally unfair.

  6. Zorba says:

    Sad for the victim, from what I have heard those edibles keep on keeping on, If he goes to jail he can keister a phone in with him and play via mobile, or with good behaviour he may be granted internet access to play.

  7. barbosa30 says:

    Probably with this “crime” his career in poker was compromised

  8. ZenGreen says:

    FIRST FLORIDA DOES NOT HAVE EDIBLES so take the pot spin out of this, these stories are horrible since the state is doing everything they can to fuck with MMJ people anyways. Just hope the story doesnt start spinning MMJ as the reason when obviously this guy didnt have a card, and fla doesnt sell edibles.

    This dude got some street drugs and went driving and wrecked his car. so fucking stupid since all these are pushing is drive baked get arrested ads now. When the ads should also read, driving under advil get arrested CAUSE IT LEGAL MEDICINE NOW, they want their cake and eat it too.

  9. Harvey_brz says:


  10. Infinity Objective says:

    It’s super sad and tragic, condolences to the lost. It’s a 3rd degree felony here in Florida, first time offender he’ll get loss of license for a year or two, counseling for drugs and could get up to 5 years. Likely not, maybe 1 with no previous record. It’s the law, it’s the reality it may not be what we desire in our heart, or righteousness.

    • Smokewood says:

      20 years – it’s vehicular man slaughter and driving while impaired.

    • Infinity Objective says:

      I get that Smokewood but he wasn’t charged with DUI, or impairment. I just watched the bond court. Accident coincidentally happened a couple of hundred feet from where I live. He didn’t really flee and I think that will be dropped. He stayed at the scene just walked and wandered away from crash site and sat down.

      Next time read and do your homework before you tell someone they’re wrong. Here’s the bond court…..

    • Smokewood says:

      I am sure they will add charges as the case moves along, at least I hope they do. As far as I’m concerned they should throw him in and lose the key….

    • Infinity Objective says:

      Ok, I’m correct but maybe the charges will be amended. Lame.

      As for the way you feel I get it. For me the way it plays out with the law is good enough. If you feel he deserves life then if you, or anyone get mixed up in a vehicular homicide, maybe you were taking cough medicine, then good luck looking in the mirror as you sealed your own fates.

    • Smokewood says:

      Charges are amended all the time in cases like this.

  11. Michelle Sternberg says:

    The whole situation is so terribly tragic. My son Robby as the Tow Truck driver and God was watching him. I am so sorry for everyone involved is so heartbreaking for all the families involved. One mistake and so many lives ruined.
    Michelle Sternberg

  12. king11682 says:

    It is a pity that I have fallen in all this, and even more if there is a death in the middle. You have to pay for the errors before the established laws.

  13. 1Player says:

    Here’s a thought: after you crash into someone, don’t tell the police a) that you ingested THC, or (b) that it impaired your driving.

    They could never prove that. And you just admitted it.

    Bluff, maybe?

  14. Alexandr Svinarshyk says:

    certainly drugs and alcohol for driving a car will sooner or later lead to tragedy. This case perfectly confirms this.

  15. mackmasterss says:

    everything in execeso is bad, he had an abuse in consuming chewable marijuana and those are the regrettable consequences, but we are all human beings and we make mistakes, the difficult thing is to get rid of the media lynching that this gentleman is suffering from the press, is a pity for family and friends who see it in that state in all news portals, hopefully have a speedy recovery and do not go back to abuse drugs, that this serves as an example to young people of the consequences of consuming drugs in excess

  16. Michelle Sternberg says:


  17. jaymfc says:

    R.I.P Juan Pedro Garcia and prayers for those left behind.
    hope Robby learns from this and stays safe.
    Ruben made a horrible mistake and deserves to be punished but
    still has a chance to turn his life around. hopefully, he never drives
    impaired again. EVER.
    I’m ok with people having the right to drink and get high
    but no one has a right to risk the lives of others by driving. EVER.

  18. DiegoRamos says:

    In my view this kind of situation is unfortunate.
    Dealing with a person with a brilliant mind, taking a sequence of wrong decisions. I believe it was the worst decisions ever made by him.

    This just shows everyone the danger it is to drink, or use any kind of drug and drive.

    Very sad.

  19. Rijckenborg says:

    In my opinion cars can be considered as weapons.
    It is why I will never have one. It is too much dangerous.
    We can’t trust anyone on the road.

  20. Hackerosito says:

    How unfortunate this news and its consequences for the aforementioned poker player Ruben Bradley, now to pay the consequences of being under the effect of narcotics and the stain for the rest of his life.

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