EPT Deauville Ladies Event Crashed by 22 Men

EPT Deauville Ladies Event Crashed by 22 Men

February 6th, 2015 by Ed Scimia
Men enter EPT Ladies Event

Sabina Hiatullah was the final woman alive in the EPT Deauville Ladies Event, finishing in second place. (Image: World Poker Tour)

The Ladies Event at the European Poker Tour’s Deauville stop was meant to be a tournament where women, who typically make up only a small minority of poker fields, could compete amongst themselves for a change.

Sure, French law doesn’t allow organizers to ban men from participating in such events, and the very low €220 ($250) buy-in was sure to attract a handful of men who felt they were being clever by registering for the tournament.

But nobody could have expected just how many boys would come up with justifications to play in a contest that wasn’t meant for them.

Nearly Two Dozen Men Play, Six Cash

By the time the entries had closed on the tournament, a total of 22 men were found to have signed up for the Ladies Event, making up approximately a quarter of the entire field.

As the tournament narrowed, the problem became even more apparent: when the money bubble hit with 11 players remaining, six of them were men.

Finally, everyone’s worst fears were realized, as male player Thierry Derkx won the tournament and the €4,380 ($4,960) prize after a heads-up battle over last woman standing, Sabina Hiatullah.

It wasn’t all bad news for Hiatullah, as organizers realized that she might deserve a little recognition as the most deserving winner in the tournament: she was given the winner’s trophy.

But Derkx still got the lion’s share of the money, and there was plenty of reaction from the poker community over his “success” in a tournament he was never even supposed to enter.

“Those are not 22 men, those are 22 idiots,” two-time EPT champion Victoria Coren-Mitchell told PokerNews. “Having a ladies event is not about being Prime Minister or running a country…it’s not that important.”

Ladies Events Designed to Encourage Women to Play

Coren-Mitchell explained again what everyone should understand about ladies events at this point: that the goal of them is to encourage women to play in a more comfortable atmosphere where they won’t feel like the only outsider in what can often feel like a boy’s club.

“Traditionally, women don’t play poker, and that’s partially because some of them find it intimidating,” Coren-Mitchell said. “Ladies events are a nice way to create a fun event and at the same time to attract women that would not play otherwise.”

Global Poker Index owner Alex Dreyfus agreed that men should stick to open tournaments and not intrude on what is supposed to be a safe space for women in poker, calling the men who played in the tournament “bad boys.”

“You have like 12 percent of online players that are ladies,” Dreyfus told PokerNews. “You have three percent of live fields that are ladies. It should not be like that…there is a gap.”

“I think it is disrespectful of the organization, I think it is disrespectful of the people who play, and it doesn’t support poker at all,” Dreyfus added.

As the second-place finisher, Hiatullah had her own opinions about the men who played in a tournament meant for women.

“They make a fool of themselves when they play [in ladies events],” Hiatullah said. “I don’t care: as it makes the prize pool bigger, it’s fine.”

The issue of men entering events meant for women has long been an issue in the poker world, particularly since laws and regulations often prevent the outright banning of men from such tournaments.

One creative solution has been tried by the World Series of Poker, which changed a $1,000 buy-in Ladies Event to a $10,000 buy-in…with a 90 percent discount for women.

19 Responses to “EPT Deauville Ladies Event Crashed by 22 Men”

  1. Snakmacher says:

    Well if it was taken in our country I would definitely try to get in.. Women are tougher to knock off from the tournaments 🙂 Maybe wouldnt even cash-out but than again experience such as this is rare to get 🙂
    And my excuse would be – I have similar DNA as girls, so I can definitely partake (my dna is XXY). 🙂

  2. DonSifu says:

    come on boys, stop being jerks and let the women play.

  3. teepack says:

    Wow. What a bunch of insecure brutes.

  4. ScooperNova says:

    Equal rights doesn’t mean discriminate against men. It means equal. What is hard to understand about that? Are the guys who did this turds? Likely. Would I have done it? Hell no. Should they have a right to play in the tournament? Abso-freakin-lutlely . What if they hosted a men’s only tournament? How about a tournament only for Christians or one exclusively for people with noble bloodlines? I’m sick of it being ok to discriminate against men, whites, fat people, and religious people.

    • WTF says:

      Read the article again, it’s not about equality, it’s not even about a higher turnout, it’s about promoting the game to women, giving them a safe environment to try poker so that in time more and more of them might end up playing poker in general, and that benefits EVERYONE. If you keep turning away everyone that isn’t already likely to get into the game, then the game dries up. Same with senior tournaments, same with hosting open tournaments in all kinds of countries instead of doing them in the same places over and over. If only people would realize that these things benefit them in the long term (increasing that 12% online and 3% live brings alot of extra cash in the prizepools), but no, every motherfker is thinking of making a quick buck and uses idiotic arguments to defend his actions, arguments that have nothing to do with the current issue.

  5. leosam18 says:

    hahaha 22 idiots maybe this 22 are stupid idiots moron who don’t understand english language a simple WOMEN GIRLS LADIES even the kids here in our country know the meaning of that…LOL

  6. A2345Razz says:

    I don’t think we need separate tournaments for men and women….to say we’ll get a higher turnout of women with split fields is not a valid argument at all.

    What if I could prove some racist white people didn’t want to sit next to black people in a tournament; would it then be appropriate to have white-only fields to up the turnout of white racists?

    Makes no sense….poker is a field where anyone can compete on an equal playing field.

    If people don’t feel like they can compete, they should stay home.

  7. jaymfc says:

    any man who plays in a womans tourney is a major pussy .
    same guys that hit women but wont fight a man.
    it’s NOT about winning , it’s about building the game .
    lol at that thought pattern there Razz , so the twenty year olds should
    jump in an kick some old ass in the seniors tourney too .
    we are letting women learn to play comfortably so they can join
    open tourneys later and kick our asses.
    sic and stupid to join and I would be humiliated to win . jmo

  8. Jim The Knife says:

    Calm down folks. All the EPT has to do is what they did in Vegas for the WSOP.
    The Ladies tournament was a $10,000 buy-in event, with a $9,000 discount
    for females. Easy Peasy…….. and, obviously, no males entered.

  9. skaterick says:

    that discount offer makes lots of sense ; glad it kept the men from entering .

  10. SPANKYSN says:

    I know that poker is not like the major sports. in that case, for the most part, men are bigger and stronger than the average woman at the same level, so their competitions should be separate. Can a woman compete on the same level ground as a male poker player? Of course. But in this case it is a matter of comfort zone. If more lady players would attend a women’s only event; then, by all means, have them. After all, men don’t attend bridal showers, and women don’t attend stag parties. It is a matter of comfort.
    Guys, let the ladies have their own events….it won’t hamper your ability to find poker games. This is not an example of discrimination. It is a matter of courtesy.
    Last thought; the 22 guys who crashed the women’s event must think men are better players, and they were just too scared to play against the men…..Got news for you guys; the ladies who are top players would kick your butts anyway.

  11. bikey007 says:

    very clever…’.’One creative solution has been tried by the World Series of Poker, which changed a $1,000 buy-in Ladies Event to a $10,000 buy-in…with a 90 percent discount for women.’

    i say name the men, and ‘shame them’ when they play…it is compared to an adult entering a child’s competition…just wrong!

    eg, if and when they enter the WSOP on TV, then get commentry team to expose these blokes, live on air, and there in front of their peers, they will be shamed!
    i believe it ranks amongst card cheats!
    Leave the Ladies events for the Ladies…grow up Boy’s!

  12. runningdog2000 says:

    dam,it girl!!!!!!!!!!! good looking and a poker player too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is she married?

  13. XSCREAMMANX says:

    well i think it falls back on EPT for even letting them reg. for the event. Ladies means ladies only but i guess the EPT doesn’t see it that way.

  14. Hk says:

    Iit may be logical to realize that a lousy player for a man amd aan ok player for a female may be on the same level. That is both will get smoked in most tournaments.

    Now you put together a tourney that both believe they have a chance to do well in but is meant for just one to enter.

    An answer is for the lousy man to improve hos game. You therefore say the lousy man must improve his game to compete. However, if the lady does not play well, we can still find her a game where she has a chance.

    Something is wrong

  15. mtl mile end says:

    This is and old article, but a fresh link brought me here.

    I agree that these guys are idiots and that the WSOP solution is almost perfect. But I have always wondered from the first time I heard about this 10+ years ago, why they don’t just make the tourney an “Invitational” rather than an “Open” Tournament?

    “Global Poker Index owner Alex Dreyfus agreed that men should stick to open tournaments and not intrude on what is supposed to be a safe space for women in poker.”

    I realize he’s not using the word exactly this way, but on another level, these dolts ARE entering an open tournament. The organizers should make the tourney NOT open, or rather, make it an invitational and only invite the women who would like to register.

  16. Malnitruth says:

    This is simply hilarious! What a shame 🙂

  17. ironduke11 says:

    Cmon guys….let the ladies have some fun if they want on their own…..geesh

  18. godblessiraq says:

    A ladies only tourney is discrimination in its purest form.

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