Doyle Brunson Headlines 'Poker After Dark' Mixed Game in Bobby's Room

Doyle Brunson Headlines ‘Poker After Dark’ Mixed Game Action in Bobby’s Room

October 13th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Doyle Brunson will headline two special “Poker After Dark” high-stakes mixed game sessions from Bobby’s Room at Bellagio Oct. 23 and 24.

Doyle Brunson PAD

Doyle Brunson will appear on two special episodes of ‘Poker After Dark,’ live from the world-famous Bobby’s Room at Bellagio. (Image:

Texas Dolly will be joined at the table by Gus Hansen, Dan “Jungleman” Cates, and other Bobby’s Room regulars. Viewers can certainly expect to see hundreds of thousands of dollars passing hands throughout the evening. They’ll be playing limit mixed games at $1,500/$3,000 blinds.

You can catch “Godfather Week” live on the PokerGo app. Each player will buy in for at least $50,000. But almost all will start with a larger stack.

Despite playing at stakes most poker players could only dream of, the poker action might pale in comparison to the side bets. At least, that’s what Brian Rast, who will compete both nights, suggests.

Old School Action

If Rast’s claim is correct, these will be two of the most action-packed episodes in “Poker After Dark” history. And that says a lot. This show, which began in 2007 on NBC, has featured some of the biggest televised cash games ever.

“Poker After Dark” Lineups

Doyle Brunson
Gus Hansen
Dan “Jungleman” Cates
Scott Seiver
Brian Rast
Nick Schulman
Billy O’Neill

All players schedule to compete both nights, Oct. 23 and 24.

The aforementioned pros are all regulars in the high-stakes at Bellagio, and have been for years. Bobby’s Room, named after Poker Hall of Famer Bobby Baldwin, is arguably the most famous poker room in the world.

If you visit Bellagio on any given evening, you might find your favorite poker stars, or even a non-poker celebrity in there competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The new “Poker After Dark” airs weekly inside the PokerGo Studio at Aria, a luxurious hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip. But for the upcoming two episodes, the game shifts down the street a block to Bellagio.

Wait, Didn’t Doyle Brunson Retire?

If you followed our 2018 WSOP coverage, you may recall we told you Doyle retired from the game. It wasn’t just us, however. Other poker media outlets and even ESPN reported the same.

But that alleged retirement, which was based on a Brunson Twitter post in June, turned out to be fake news. Doyle decided he couldn’t stay away from the game he loves. And, instead of quitting altogether to “spend more time” with his sick wife, he announced he’s no longer going to play tournaments. Which is kind of strange considering he’s only played a few tournaments the past five years anyway. But we digress.

So, yes, Texas Dolly is still playing poker cash games. You can see him in the virtual flesh later this month with a PokerGo subscription for $10 per month, or a friend’s password.

11 Responses to “Doyle Brunson Headlines ‘Poker After Dark’ Mixed Game Action in Bobby’s Room”

  1. dragunovich says:

    good news, doyle did not retreat .. there is still game for a while .. master doyle, excellent teachings in the supersistem .. some good things leave when you read that book .. one of the best players without a doubt is mr brunson .. a inspirational story in which many of us have found that motivating factor to play without hours and hours of poker.

  2. fa1920 says:

    Just when I was going to ask, was not it that he had retired? I read the end of the news. A classic of the nights watch him play poker

  3. Andrew Popov says:

    Still, one should take into account the difference between a live game and playing in online poker rooms. This is a different game that requires a different approach, different strategies and different skills.

  4. bruno13xs says:

    I thought Doyle Brunson had retired from poker now I see this news that he will participate in “Poker After Dark” I can not wait to watch this poker legend playing again

  5. mackmasterss says:

    is incredible and admirable with the lucidity that Doyle plays poker despite the years, is an admirable player and a true poker legend, without a doubt one of the best poker players of all time, we hope to see him play poker for a long time more, he is a legend and will always be remembered forever, and will be forever in the hall of fame of the great poker players

  6. chicopaw says:

    This series of shows with Doyle Brunsonis a must watch . To watch a icon like Doyle a true poker legend,is something to be remembered. If we all enjoy poker how can we not watch a true master. Can;t waitto watch these mixed games

  7. ammje says:

    It’s a pleasure to see a poker legend like Doyle play, it almost seems like it’s taken from an old west poker movie.
    I remember when I started playing poker, I watched him play on TV, and I tried to learn everything I could.

  8. icnbe56 says:

    Yes – my first thought was Didn’t Doyle Retire ???
    LOL – You can take a man from the country , but you can’t take the country from the man – Doyle will be involved in Poker some how some way until he dies !!!
    I agree with chicopaw – these are going to be a “must watch ” Doyle is a legend and he deserves the attention !

  9. acidburnfx says:

    It’s always great to see a poker legend like Doyle Brunson with more than 40 years of profession showing all his talent. You see, he could stay at home, however, he preferred to return and stay active. Much better!

  10. Nelson1712 says:

    One of the greatest legends in the history of poker, His legacy will be alive. Each time a new player picks up a card, each time a dealer deals a deck. Doyle Brunson will always be .. TBE (THE BEST EVER)

  11. joeisi says:

    I always liked this show it was sad when it stopped glad to see it back and kicking. Doyle is considered by many and by many I mean me in particular to be the father of Texas Holdem. It will be great to see the legend take the felt again, looking forward to it.

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