Doug Polk Seeks to Have Las Vegas Mayor Recalled Over Humiliating COVID-19 Comments

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Doug Polk is no longer busy working on his poker game. The retired card player is, instead, trying to get Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman recalled following her questionable coronavirus recommendations for local businesses.

Doug Polk Las Vegas mayor
Might we soon see Doug Polk run for political office? (Image: YouTube)

Goodman has pushed for the city of Las Vegas to reopen its businesses, including the casinos. But she doesn’t have authority over Gov. Stephen Sisolak, who says he isn’t ready to make that move. She does, however, have a voice like any other American, though she may have been better off had she kept quiet during a unanimously panned television interview earlier this week.

The mayor, in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, suggested her town serve as a control group to determine the effectiveness of social distancing measures. But although she offered to have her residents and visitors put their lives on the line, she refused to do the same. When asked by Cooper if she’d visit casinos during a pandemic, she wouldn’t make a commitment. Her response was, “I have a family.” Apparently, she doesn’t realize that casino employees also have families.

Polk, like many Las Vegas-area residents, was disturbed by the mayor’s comments. Although he doesn’t live in her jurisdiction, he’s seeking to have her removed from office.

Can Polk Have Mayor Goodman Recalled?

Polk is so interested in removing Mayor Goodman that he might be willing to offer a ceasefire to his arch-nemesis. The former poker pro needs three residents who voted in the last mayoral election (2019), and that could include Daniel Negreanu.

It’s unlikely the two prominent poker figures will end their feud any time soon. But Polk is still interested in finding three individuals who voted in the Las Vegas mayoral election to notarize a letter recalling the mayor.

According to the city’s Recall Guide, three registered voters who actually voted must sign the Notice of Intent that Polk is attempting to file. The form must be signed before a notary public who is authorized by law to administer oaths that the statements and signatures contained in the letter are truthful.

Once the Notice of Intent is authorized, a Petition to Recall must be submitted. This form requires signatures from at least 25% of the voter turnout. Without those signatures in ink, recalling the mayor won’t be possible. The petition must be submitted within 90 days of filing the Notice of Intent. That means Polk only has a few months to get enough signatures.

Goodman has served as mayor since 2011 and was reelected in 2019 with 83.5% of the 26,723 votes cast. Polk wrote on Twitter that he’s spent the past couple of days researching how to get her removed from office. He is searching for another 2019 voter in Las Vegas to complete his form. The Upswing Poker founder expects to file the Notice of Intent by Monday.

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