Doug Polk Called Daniel Negreanu ‘An Embarrassment’ to Poker?

February 10th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

A Doug Polk feud with Daniel Negreanu may have reached new levels of pique Thursday night when he referred to poker’s all-time winningest tournament player and first-ballot Hall of Famer as an “embarrassment to poker” on a live YouTube podcast.

Doug Polk

Daniel Negreanu (left) and Doug Polk (right) seem to have less and less love for each other these days, with Polk seeming to make it personal. (Image: YouTube)

Polk took time away from his cryptocurrency media endeavors to discuss a wide range of issues affecting the poker community with fellow high-stakes millennial podcaster Joe Ingram. During the nearly two-hour conversation, the outspoken duo covered topics ranging poker’s evolving ecosystem to alleged cheating on Americas Cardroom.

What’s Wrong, Papi?

Multiple times the past week, Ingram has alleged widespread cheating occurs at Americas Cardroom, a relatively popular US-facing online poker site. Ingram alleges that numerous bots are infiltrating the games on ACR. He hasn’t provided much hard evidence, but suggests ACR allows previously banned accounts to continue playing, and says that collusion is a major problem on the site.

But the biggest “bang bang” in Polk and Ingram’s exchange came when the two started talking about Negreanu.

“He’s a massive hypocrite and, frankly, he’s an embarrassment to players and the game of poker,” Polk said.

Leading up to that comment, Polk had dissed Kid Poker for “shilling” for PokerStars. For the past year, Polk has criticized Negreanu for supposedly claiming higher rake is better for players.

Polk followed up the insult by accusing Negreanu of being “petty.” It’s unclear what sparked Polk to randomly bash a player that many consider to be a living legend, but it may have been caused by a recent tweet in which Negreanu said he loves “this game” and plans to be a “lifer,” unlike some players (i.e. Doug Polk) who have left the game for other ventures, such as cryptocurrency.

@RealKidPoker: “Many people come and go in the poker industry, moving on to other things, but I am a lifer. I love this game and plan to play a big role in the poker community for the rest of my life. I have lots of passions, but poker will always be #1”

Eloquent Rebuttal

Polk responded to the tweet in the podcast, saying, “Dude, honestly, shut the f*ck up, honestly. It’s so absurd. He’s getting paid millions of dollars to be a hypocrite and tell you why taking your money is good and why he should take more of your money, and then also trying to be the good guy. You don’t get to be both.”

Ingram wasn’t ready to wholeheartedly concur. “I wouldn’t go this far,” he said. “You know I’ve got a lot of respect for Negreanu. He brings in a lot of people (to poker).”

Polk may have a right to his opinion, but there may not be any other player in history who means more to the game than Negreanu, who has one of the largest social media outreaches in poker, with more than 450,000 Twitter followers and 164,000 YouTube subscribers, not to mention the ear of casino executives.

He’s also been the face of PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, for more than a decade. And, let’s face it, the reason he often sits at a televised feature table is because many poker fans enjoy watching him play.

Yet for some reason with Polk, who spent much of last week on Twitter dismissing alarms from skeptics about Bitcoin’s latest plunge, Negreanu seems to rub a raw nerve.

31 Responses to “Doug Polk Called Daniel Negreanu ‘An Embarrassment’ to Poker?”

  1. trippin says:

    Doug polk is weird, who is he to Danny boy? Just a nub.

  2. Howard K says:

    When you bash someone, you better be correct.

    It appears that Polk is upset claiming Negranu made statements that a higher rake is better for the player. That in itself does,not sound correct. However, before i jump all pver Negeanu for it, i’m going to want to hear his reasons for such opinion

    • mbrenneman0 says:

      Its not like polk is a nobody, he has been one of the very best HUNL players in the world through some of the years in which poker has required the most skill.

      We also tend to forget that pur idols are people too and not some infallible god. Negreanu is a person just like any other.

      I think the beef between the two is pretty absurd but the fanboyism is just as toxic

    • jsnake716 says:

      this happened almost a year ago, DNEGs is paid by pokerstars and Pokerstars has for the last 2 years raised the rake and took away player benefits. The whole time this was happening Daniel kept telling everyone that “good news” is right around the corner. Of course the only good news is Poker stars gives players “chests” to open even though they are mostly empty.

      Doug’s biggest problem with Daniel is that while Daniel is making millions from Pokerstars he claims to be a friend to the poker player, which he clearly is not. That is why he is called a hypocrite.

      Yes, he has drawn many people into poker and remains a popular player but he is making money from Pokerstars not playing poker Sadly.

  3. whiskers77 says:

    Honestly, in my opinion it is a kind of cockfight among these gentleman, like one or other do better to the world of poker. But in my opinion, it is reasonable to take out some money of poker rooms and to invest somewhere else, as well. It doesn’t mean, that you are not a lifer or not sticking anymore to poker or that you lost the passion for the game. But I think, it is normal, that people are interested in generating money with money and therefore seek for other possibilities.

  4. That_Guy says:

    Anyone who thinks Negreanu is a good guy doesn’t follow the poker scene well enough. He’s hated by many people and rightly so. Doug Polk is exactly right. Doug doesn’t go around talking trash about people for no reason.

    • Dave says:

      He’s become increasingly more absurd and repulsive. Bitter old man, full of himself and full of it.

  5. Ahoy says:

    I dont expect anything unusal – all the recs will bash polk but he is in fact right.
    Negreanu is a sellout. I know all of you love him, and polk might have been too harsh, but dont forget that your idol dneg is telling you that more rake is better (stealing more of your money is better) and that he has some great upcoming news – raising the rake 3 times a year.
    I dont care what anybody thinks but Dnegs is and forever will be in my eyes an asshole, the kind of people you punch in the face when you meet them in person

  6. Hondo says:

    I don’ t have two hours to listen to the video recording of the interview and I don’t have a twitter account to follow the disagreement there so I will have to rely on this posted news artice for context.
    At first blush is appears to be the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ . a hypocrite bashing a hypocrite. The mention of support for higher rake and Negranu’s “shilling” for PokerStara seem rather petty grounds for Polks’ tirade. Is he jealous because he doesn’t have the million dollar (?) poker site sponsorship? Bitter that Negreanu’s name is more recognized in the poker community and the world at large? Polk is a keen and savvy internet marketer; is he promoting the whole issue for ulterior motive?
    Negreanu has to pay lip service to PokerStars, he is contracually obliged to by virtue of his sponsorship. But I think his intergrity slips a bit in doing so. While not unequivocably clear, Selbst and Grosspellier have distance themselve from the once mighty site not without good reason. Mercer’s departure is less circuspect. At the PCA he was agush with the announcement of the PSPC and the 300 Platinum Passes along with the new of PokerSrars LAPT going forward. PokerStars has cancelled the Chile event and encounter a huge overlay in te Sunday Millions Anniversary tournament. Negreanu may have set sail on a sinking ship.
    They both have their own axe to grind.

  7. 8bod8 says:

    Looks like doug is on tilt; did he loose some money with the crypto crash?
    Just pathetic to start swearing to and bashing, what many consider, ‘a legend’.
    Was Dany listed with some 36 million winnings? How embarassing!
    It may bring some new followers for Doug, but I doubt if it will add to his karma, more likely Doug will self-destruct.

  8. Max Diver says:

    Polk compared with Negreanu is nobody, zero. Probably envy of Daniel´s great success.

  9. Max Diver says:

    Who is Polk anyway ? Never heard of him…

  10. Johnny Aces says:

    I am going to stick up for my friend Daniel here. What do you expect? He has shares and ownership of Poker Stars. So of course he is going to say that. I would , when its in my best interests and the game to some point.

  11. Lex,007 says:

    More rake really Dan Wow.I never thought I’d agree with Polk but I do.

  12. Lex,007 says:

    More Rake wow, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that Dan is full of it on that one

  13. Peppinotom says:

    Who the hell is Doug polk?
    Wer ficken will, muss freundlich sein 🙂

  14. WhereDidMyEVGo says:

    This article seems pretty biased in favor of Negreanu. If you watch the video Polk makes pretty clear what his issues are. I also watched the video Polk refers to and Negreanu did say that higher rake at a site he is sponsored by is “good for the players”. If he says that and doesn’t believe it, the statement is clearly hypocritical. If he believes it then at best his judgement is questionable.

  15. JRNorris95 says:

    Negreanu really shouldnt of called Doug Polk out like that to begin with. I think Negreanu deserved every little bit of criticism. He is a great player, and undoubtedly one of the best… but you do not get to talk one way and act another. Although I do not actually think Negreanu is an embarrassment to poker, but only because the bar is set pretty low to begin with.

  16. isaac says:

    I have no Idea who this Polk guy is in the first place. I have been absent for a while, so not sure if he ever was a big name or not. Daniel has always been super fun and entertaining to watch live, and you cannot dispute his brand power and his ability to attract players to pokerstars. The only bit of value in what I have read here is about the alleged issue of higher rake being better for players. I personally disagree with this in most situations. Rake is how the poker site is making money on you playing there, so the only value in higher rake would be say something like the sunday million that didn’t reach the 10 million guaranteed prize pool. Because of the money partially made through rake PokerStars is able to guarantee tournaments like this even though they don’t always fill up and sometimes have added value.

  17. Alexandr Svinarshyk says:

    it’s better not to argue but to prove your results at poker tables. And the money was spent on charity.

  18. None says:

    Remove the question mark from the title.

  19. migesan says:

    Honestly, I know Daniel, but I have not heard of this player, people who make big money bargain about anything, probably bored their poker and now they turn to something more interesting. Daniel is a legend in poker and can do as he wants, he writes in history, but this young one has yet to prove, and then comment.

  20. AtownDanger says:

    I got news for both Daniel and Doug….In the real world people have to break their back to provide for their families and struggle financially from time to time to get by. These two assholes have been very fortunate to have been able to be successful in a card game that while takes skill also requires a lot of luck. They both are filthy rich and live a charmed life traveling the world playing a card game and also reaping the rewards from sponsors as well. I find it insulting that these two bicker over petty bullshit like two 8 year olds fighting over a piece of candy. Could you imagine if they had real friggin problems ??? I think they both have lost touch with reality…..they both should shut the fck up and be happy they don’t have to break their backs 60 hours a week to hopefully scrape by. Man…if i was as fortunate as these two high horse riding pansies i’d keep my mouth shut, be humble and thankful because i’d know what it was like to be on the other end. Maybe they should both work a real job for a few months then maybe they’d sing a different tune and get back in touch with reality again. They both should be ashamed of themselves.

  21. albosaltenio says:

    I do not think it was only the tweet of Negreanu that has angered him, surely it was part of the trouble of Doug. I do not know Doug well, in fact, I dont know any poker player, only a few who are the most famous, especially Daniel.
    whatever the reason will be their reasons and I think Daniel is an authoritative voice of poker and can say with total freedom what looks like, as in all things in life there are people who will envy your talent.
    Anyway, I do not care what you both think. everyone must write their history

  22. bekel285 says:

    Negreanu has done more for poker than anyone imo and is always a nice bloke even when defeated. Polk just comes across as an a-hole here.

    • EllisJ says:

      So, you speak for your whole country, do you? Are were you referring to the whole continent? Check yourself becky.

  23. cheeeer says:

    My favourite part when 2 years ago Daniel said to ban 5 humans from WSOP. By telling why they should be banned he mentioned that 3 of them don’t play poker at all and 2 others haven’t played for few years.

    In this case he just represents opinion of the company.

  24. Dejange says:

    I am surprised how many people do not know Doug Polk 😮

    OK, DNEG is more entertaining, more published and living legend, but Doug also brought a lot to the poker community!
    As regards the above article, they could speak what they want, but it is true that DNEG is acting under the umbrella of Pokerstars, So, what they ordering – he is obligated to communicate …

  25. Mark says:

    People need to grow up people need to stop bashing each other you know people out there and cars honking flipping each other off all that happens is somebody’s having a really really bad day and they get killed to mr. Doug as your mama probably said to you when you were just a baby if you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody shut the f*** up. And I give you this advice free with no heavy rake grow up.

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