Time to Settle the Feud? Doug Polk Challenges Daniel Negreanu to Heads-Up Poker Match

Doug Polk has finally challenged Daniel Negreanu to a heads-up poker contest. And, perhaps, it will put an end to their seemingly never-ending dispute, should the match actually take place.

Doug Polk Daniel Negreanu poker

Will Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk finally settle their petty dispute? (Image: PokerGo)

The feud between the poker stars has gone on for years. Polk, who retired from poker last year, has continued to attack the GGPoker ambassador via tweets and YouTube videos.

After Negreanu’s recent tirade during a WSOP Online Bracelet Series live stream in which the six-time bracelet winner physically threatened a commenter who insulted his wife, Polk mocked his rival in a comedic video.

The video came out of left field for Polk, who claimed in March he was done creating poker content. Apparently, he’s never going to give Daniel up, and never going to let him down. But will he run around and desert him? It sure doesn’t seem that way, not after the recent challenge he offered his rival on social media.

Polk: Let’s Settle this on the Felt

Polk and Negreanu’s feud has been well documented over the years. Three years ago, while still a PokerStars ambassador, Negreanu insinuated in an interview that increased rake is good for the players.

Polk pounced on that comment, using it to spark the “More Rake is Better” movement. He went so far as to put the catchy slogan on a billboard outside the Rio in Las Vegas during the 2018 WSOP. The troll job also included the now-retired poker pro wearing a “More Rake is Better” T-shirt at the $300,000 Super High Roller while seated next to Negreanu.

The feud has continued over the past two years. But Polk is ready to put his money where his mouth is in a game of heads-up poker?

“I officially challenge Dnegs to a HUNL battle. I am hoping to leave with both his money, and my teeth still in my mouth,” Polk then wrote after the initial tweet quickly exceeded 1,000 retweets.

Will Negreanu Accept the Challenge?

Polk — aka “WCGRider” — is one of the top heads-up No-Limit Hold’em online poker players in history. Whereas, Negreanu specializes in live tournament poker, which he acknowledged on Twitter.

Negreanu cracked a sarcastic joke in reference to the “More Rake is Better” insult.

“Can I at least set the rake structure?” he asked.

The GGPoker ambassador is one of the greatest live tournament players of all-time. With more than $42 million in live tournament cashes and six WSOP bracelets, he’s certainly no slouch on the felt. But in the game of heads-up No-Limit Hold’em, he doesn’t have Polk’s credentials.

That’s why, if he’s to accept the challenge, he wants his opponent to compromise and settle on multiple poker variants, not just No-Limit Hold’em. And, perhaps, play at least part of the challenge inside a casino.

Polk wrote on Twitter that he wants 25,000 hands of online No-Limit Hold’em — four tables at a time — similar to the Galfond Challenge between Phil Galfond and multiple opponents. After Negreanu balked on that structure, Polk offered to have each player pick one game, and splitting the hands between the two formats.

Negreanu argued that playing the entire challenge online would be a “pretty big advantage” for Polk. As of Tuesday evening, the poker pros haven’t reached an agreement. So, we’ll see if this match ever takes place. Matt Glantz has already set the line at +175 they ever play any hands.

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Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.

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