Daniel Negreanu Floats Idea of Operating New Poker Series

Daniel Negreanu Floats Idea of Launching New Poker Series

Daniel Negreanu wants to be the face of a new poker series that caters to those who despise rebuy tournaments. The former PokerStars ambassador tweeted his ambitions, but hasn’t yet committed to any plans.

Daniel Negreanu poker series

Will Daniel Negreanu launch his own poker series? (Image: pokerstars.com)

“Kid Poker” would certainly attract numerous poker players to any poker series. He was a successful ambassador for PokerStars for many years, and served as the face of the world’s largest online poker site. He also has more Twitter followers – 473,000 – than any other poker player.

Negreanu Has Big Plans

Negreanu favors freezeouts, a common type of poker tournament years ago. In a freezeout, players can only enter once. Nowadays, most poker events allow for rebuys and reentries, which are oftentimes necessary for the tournament host to meet lofty prize pool guarantees. Negreanu has other plans, however, and wants to get back to the old days.

Negreanu is one of poker’s most popular players. He could attract all types of poker players to his series, especially the recreational players. Negreanu didn’t give details on a location for the proposed series, other than to write, “Vegas.” He didn’t propose a name for the series, either, but he created a spreadsheet of potential events that would take place over a two-week period.

Negreanu said he wants to bring back “old school” poker tournament structures. He wrote that he wants to “make it important for people to show up on time,” and would ban late registration.

Tournament buy-ins would range from $1,500 to $10,000, and the series would feature numerous poker games. If the series becomes a reality, poker fans on Twitter seem to be interested.

“Overall I think it’s a great idea if you’re going to be the face of it. People that don’t normally play tournament series will come out to support your series,” Joey Ingram wrote.

“Its like 1999 all over.. I love it.. Freezeouts FTW , mixed games please,” @NonWittyQuips opined.

Many followers support the idea of no re-entries. That structure favors the recreational players who can’t afford to multiple rebuys. Pros often use re-entry and rebuy tournaments to their advantage by firing two or three bullets. Negreanu wants to eliminate this option, which gives pros an advantage.

Will Negreanu’s poker series become a reality? We don’t know the answer yet, but we hope it does.

Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


Poker Orifice wrote...

Sounds good. Curious though…. would the rake be lower…. or higher? “P

Miguel Chacon wrote...

seems cool go Daniel I think I hate Reentries or rebuys sometimes people play crazy in tourneys you should always have only one life and game over jejeje no checkpoints xD

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