Daniel Negreanu Shares Five Things That Make a Player ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ for Poker

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Daniel Negreanu tweeted characteristics of a player who is good and bad for poker, and some felt his comments were “arrogant” and out of line.

Daniel Negreanu poker
A polarizing figure like Daniel Negreanu knows that when he opens his mouth, critics will be there ready to argue. (Image: playusa.com)

When Kid Poker opines, however, because of his liberal views and affiliation with PokerStars, a poker site some pros despise, he takes some heat from the poker community. So, he may have expected backlash from his recent tweets.

Who is Bad for Poker?

Negreanu first shared his opinion on which types of players are bad for the game. He gave five examples of the “worst kind of poker player.”


He’s getting backlash for that post. Many feel his comments were out of line. A confused Mike McDonald asked for an explanation.

“So winning poker players all need to be fast, loud, lavish, optimists or else they are bad?” he asked.

Negreanu responded, “basically, yes.” He argues that players don’t have to be loud and obnoxious at the poker table, “just pleasant.” It’s no surprise a talkative player such as Negreanu encourages players to be more lively.

Kid Poker has expressed frustration recently with what he describes as boring players on the high-stakes circuit. During the poker boom era, when he was considered arguably the best player in the world, table talk was prevalent. The biggest stars in the game were as much entertainers as they were poker players. Pros such as Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, and Daniel made poker on television must-see during that era.

These days, the players are more cool, calm, and collected. Some consider them “robots,” which doesn’t always translate to an entertaining show for casual fans. But Negreanu’s comments were still out of line, many felt. Take Twitter user James Briddon (@James_Briddon), for example. He referred to Daniel as a “hypocrite” and “condescending.”

“Not everyone feels the need to be the center of attention all the time,” he wrote.

Nick Jones (@pokerprojones) argues that a true “hater” is someone who writes a “list of traits that define the worst kind of poker player.”

Who is Good for Poker?

Not everyone is bad for poker, according to Negreanu. He flipped the script and posted the five traits that make someone good for the game.

He didn’t receive as much criticism for this post. One tweeter (@SamuraiPlay), however, said he’s there to “win money” and doesn’t “give two f*cks what you think of us.”

Another individual (@I_Fridmanis) called Negreanu a “sellout,” and was subsequently blocked by the PokerStars ambassador.

Negreanu is a high-profile poker player who expresses strong political beliefs and represents a poker site that some poker players despise. For that reason, some on Poker Twitter will get offended by anything he says, even if it really isn’t all that offensive.


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