Negreanu Tweets Post-Vaccine Plans, Gets Grilled By Social Media Scientists

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Now fully vaccinated, Daniel Negreanu is ready to finally step outside the house and begin living his life like he did in the pre-Covid era. The GGPoker ambassador, who spent most of the past year in quarantine, tweeted his upcoming plans and we all learned from the comments on his post that the poker community is full of scientists –or at least many people who seem to think they are.

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Daniel Negreanu will finally leave quarantine now that he’s vaccinated. (Image: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

The global health pandemic sure has brought out the internet medical experts. You’ve probably seen numerous posts over the past year on social media from poker players, truck drivers, construction workers, accountants, and people in just about every occupation other than medical professionals claiming to know more about infectious diseases than those who have spent their lives studying infectious diseases.

Negreanu probably shouldn’t take medical advice from Twitter trolls

Negreanu has taken the virus seriously. He’s listened to the real medical experts instead of getting his advice from the comments section on random Facebook posts. The poker superstar shared a tweet informing his followers of what he’s looking forward to now that he’s vaccinated. That seemingly harmless post brought out a plethora of social media doctors.

Outside of one heads-up session at the PokerGO Studio against Doug Polk and one against Phil Hellmuth, Negreanu says he’s remained in quarantine at home with his wife, Amanda, throughout the past year. According to some Twitter epidemiologists, he shouldn’t have ever changed the way he lived his life in the first place.

“I feel you were too worried. Mask and Mask haircut (9 since 2020). Vegas casinos entered (7). Flights (80+). Dinners out (Countless). Politics determined too many people’s decisions over the last 16 months. I have been safe and still lived a full life and didn’t vote for Trump,” a critical “Doctor” Steve Kinney (@RealSteveKinney) informed Negreanu.

Next up to share their expert medical advice was @ChestRo44215884, who wrote to Kinney: “Agreed! It so funny to hear people talk about wanting to go out to dinner! I’ve traveled gone out to dinner, 3xs a week for the past year. Barber shop every 4 weeks for a year now … lol … come to Florida or find a “free” Republican state to live in! You’ve been sold a lie.”

Much like Kinney, @tmwwdej shared anecdotal evidence that clearly proves Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, is clueless.

“Sad that you let the panic mongers so totally alter your life. My wife and I, both 69, have traveled (Vegas, Colorado, Mexico, the beach) dined too often, played (tennis, live poker, and golf) throughout. We’ve worn masks as required, washed our hands, and enjoyed our lives,” he writes.

These types of comments are similar to those made in the live-stream chat during the Polk vs. Negreanu challenge that ripped on Polk’s play when his bluff didn’t get through. He’s one of the top heads-up players in the world. Perhaps, he knows what he’s doing, much like Dr. Fauci and the thousands of other licensed and paid medical experts who lend their expertise on COVID-19.

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