Daniel Negreanu Becomes American Citizen, Vows to Vote Against Donald Trump

Daniel Negreanu, a Canadian-born poker pro, is now an American citizen, and is ready to take advantage of one of his main right as such: voting for President of the United States. The election isn’t until November, but Negreanu has already made up his mind as to which candidate he will vote for or, at the very least, vote against.

DOnald Trump Daniel Negreanu American citizen

No Trump No Way: Daniel Negreanu is now an American citizen and can’t wait to vote against Donald Trump for president.  (Image:  abcnews.go.com)

A self-proclaimed liberal, Negreanu, on Twitter, has spoken highly of both Democratic candidates: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The same can’t be said for KidPoker’s views about the Republican candidates, especially businessman Donald Trump, the current frontrunner.

Duking it Out with Glantz and Brunson

The all-time live poker tournament money leader shows very little respect for Trump, even referring to him as “dangerous” on Twitter. Negreanu, in recent weeks, has engaged in numerous political debates with poker pros Todd Brunson and Matt Glantz, along with some Internet trolls.

Brunson is openly a Republican, supporting Donald Trump. Glantz has also spoken out in favor of a Trump presidency. In a recent Twitter debate, Negreanu responded to Brunson’s accusation that President Barack Obama is to blame for race relations being worse now than before he was elected.

“What is an example of something Obama did that made race relations worse in this country? Besides being black,” Negreanu asked.

Negreanu also recently asked Trump on Twitter to give proof as to the size of his “hands,” even throwing up a $100K prop bet for such, after the candidate referred to his manhood being large in a GOP debate.

Trump Inciting Violence?

Last weekend, a Trump rally in Chicago was cancelled when it was deemed unsafe after some protestors and supporters engaged in verbal and physical altercations. Violence at Trump rallies has become an issue of mounting concern these days.

Some antagonists believe Trump is inciting violence with what they refer to as “hate speech.” After a Trump rally in North Carolina last week turned violent, the sheriff’s department considered charging the billionaire businessman with inciting a riot, but decided not to pursue the charges, due to a lack of evidence.

Following the failed Chicago rally, Negreanu placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of one Donald J. Trump.

“Trump has asked for more violence several times and what we are seeing in Chicago is just the tip of the iceberg I fear,” he said on Twitter.

His views on the Donald are strong. He’s incited some friendly and not-so friendly banter by his followers on Twitter. In a two-part post, Negreanu made it clear what he thinks of Trump in relation to his Republican opponents.

“Trump as president would divide this country drastically and worse, I think put our country in even greater danger with more targeted attacks,” he said. “I could support a (Marco Rubio) or (John Kasich) presidency. May not agree with them on everything, but I could get behind them anyway if I had to.”

Now that Negreanu is an American citizen, he has the right to vote against a Donald Trump regime. In between his political rants, Negreanu also said he plans on playing more World Series of Poker events this summer than he has the past four years. That’s assuming he can find time away from Twitter.

Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


That Guy wrote...

Who cares what ReNegs thinks about anything? I certainly don’t. He showed his true colors when he lied to players to keep his job as an Amaya shill, over the Pokerstars SNE VIP theft.

PershingSt wrote...

Daniel should stick to poker , his political commentary on twitter is almost unbearable . He says some beyond stupid shit lol . . .

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