Dan Bilzerian Jabs at Haters as His CBD Company Finally Makes Money

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Dan Bilzerian has found another reason to take aim at his haters. With his CBD company, IGNITE, enjoying a profitable 2020, he was quick to let everyone know in his own inimitable way.

Dan Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian’s company enjoyed a profitable end to 2020, and he wasn’t afraid to let people know about it. (Image: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian)

When he’s not representing GGPoker and posing with scantily clad women, Bilzerian is running IGNITE International Brands.

The company, which focuses primarily on CBD products, enjoyed a positive end to 2020. Revenue for Q4 topped $10.1 million, a fact Bilzerian was more than happy to share with his Twitter followers.

Bilzerian Blasts Haters

In a characteristically brash tweet, the self-styled playboy took aim at his critics and those in the media.


The GGPoker ambassador has every right to be pleased. Revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020 not only surpassed the three previous quarters combined, it bolstered the company’s bottom-line.

IGNITE made headlines in 2019 when it posted an annual loss of $50 million. Marketing expenses alone were $22 million at the time. That led Forbes contributor Chris Roberts to suggest the marketing budget may be helping Bilzerian fund his lavish lifestyle. Cannabis business attorney Meital Manzuri also said that IGNITE looked like it was “failing.”

Twelve months on, it seems the company has turned a corner. In addition to selling CBD products in the US, Canada, Mexico, and beyond, it has interests in the clothing sector. IGNITE also markets water and vodka as part of its multi-faceted operation.

Q4 of 2020 also saw Bilzerian’s company expand into Asia and establish a new distribution network. These innovations took net income for the quarter to $4.9 million. It did, however, lose $21.8 million during the previous nine months.

A Book and Business Could Bring More Money to Poker

It may not be a booming business, but that hasn’t stopped Bilzerian from celebrating. Don’t expect those antics to appear on Instagram, however.

Bilzerian told his followers that he’s currently putting the finishing touches on his book. Although he declined to say when it will be published, he did say it will be called “The Setup.”

What will it be about? From what we know about the man himself, probably women, money, guns, and poker. Given that his new business venture is finally starting to make a profit, it’s not inconceivable that the book could receive a last-minute update.

No matter its content, the only thing that those in poker are likely to care about is where Bilzerian’s money will go next. Bilzerian’s skills at the table have always been a topic of debate. If IGNITE continues to grow, many in the high-stakes community will be hoping the money finds its way into their games.

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