Dan Bilzerian Finishes Autobiography, Offers $5K for Naming Book

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Dan Bilzerian recently finished writing an autobiography chronicling his life as a poker player and social media playboy. The multi-millionaire whose wealth acquisition has long been in question now says he will reward one creative individual $5,000 for naming his book.

Dan Bilzerian autobiography poker
Dan Bilzerian claims he obtained his wealth at the poker table. Many poker pros think he’s full of it. (Image: indulgexpress.com)

Bilzerian announced on Twitter that he recently completed the manuscript for his upcoming autobiography, but he doesn’t have a title for the book in mind. So, he’s asking his 1.7 million Twitter followers to get creative. The individual who comes up with the best name for the book will earn some cash.


Bilzerian recently made headlines in the poker community when he accused Dan “Jungleman” Cates of secretly playing in his private online poker home game. The social media icon said Cates ghosted a recreational player in the game.

Cates admitted to ghosting a recreational player in a game against Bill Perkins, but he denies ever having played against Bilzerian.

Bilzerian’s Poker Winnings in Question

Bilzerian has always claimed he obtained the bulk of his wealth from high-stakes poker games. He certainly hasn’t won that money in live tournaments nor against the top competition in Bobby’s Room at Bellagio, or the other famous high-roller card rooms.

None of the top pros have ever publicly stated they’ve witnessed Bilzerian crush it for millions. He claims, however, that he’s won the money in private high-stakes games against wealthy business people and celebrities. But some poker players, such as Doug Polk, have suggested his father, Paul Bilzerian, gave him millions.

The elder Bilzerian, 70, was a corporate takeover specialist for multi-million-dollar companies and spent 13 months in prison in 1989 for his role in an insider trading scheme. He would return to prison in 2000 for contempt of court.

Paul Bilzerian, who is now living in exile on a Caribbean island, faces a $62 million lawsuit from the SEC for his financial crimes. But the SEC has never been able to collect on that judgment, and many, including some poker players, believe that’s how Dan Bilzerian became wealthy.

You can expect to find out some details on this topic in Bilzerian’s autobiography. Speaking of that book, Bilzerian’s followers came up with some interesting book titles, such as “Viagra Migraine,” “How to Lose Friends and Pay Models to Stand Next to You,” “How to Turn a Trust Fund into the World’s Longest Midlife Crisis,” “I’m an Incel Who Pays Girls to Pose With Me,” and “A Bilzerian Reasons Why.”

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