Craziest Poker Player Prop Bets of 2017: Big Macs, Weight Loss, and $1 Million

Prop bets seem to go hand in hand with poker, or in some cases foot in mouth. For 2017, the list of ridiculous prop bets that caught the poker world’s attention included an attempt to consume more McDonald’s than humanly possible, a bankroll challenge with an entire career on the line, and a million-dollar weight-loss effort that pits two brothers against each other.

Staples Bros. prop bets

Jaime (left) and Matt (right) Staples are attempting to get their weights within one pound of each other within a year to win $150,000 from Bill Perkins. (Image: PokerTube)

Man Attempts to Eat $1,000 of McDonald’s, Fails Miserably

We begin this 2017 prop bet recap with an epic fail. In May, poker pro Mike Noori bet tournament executive Matt Savage (and took on plenty of side action) that he could personally eat $1,000 worth of food at McDonald’s in 36 hours in May. Given 5-1 odds, he stood to win approximately $200,000.

Noori posted updates on Periscope and Twitter throughout the evening. With a few hours remaining before the deadline, he threw in the towel after consuming only a whopping $95 worth of grub. But, on a positive note, he raised money for charity, so it wasn’t a complete failure.

$1 Million to Lose It All

Poker pro Walter Fisher was down on his luck and in need of cash when he took on a weight loss prop bet that changed his life in multiple ways. Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian and hedge fund manager Bill Perkins backed him.

Facing financial strain and doctor’s orders to cut out fatty foods from his life and get in shape if he didn’t want to die, Fisher bet $1 million, twice his career live tournament winnings, that he could reduce his body fat to less than 10 percent in six months. At 6’1”, 245 pounds, and a BMI of 33 percent, Fisher worked out daily, with professional help, and not only won the bet when he got that BMI down to 8.8 percent, but also he ended up totally ripped.

Size Differentials

Perkins has taken action on many crazy prop bets. It’s kind of his thing. One of his craziest in 2017 included giving the Staples brothers, Jaime and Matt, both popular Twitch poker streamers, 50-1 odds on a $3,000 bet ($150,000 potential payout) that they couldn’t get their weights within one pound of each other within a year.

The wager began in March 2017, so the brothers have until the same time in 2018 to complete the bet. Jaime began the competition at 305-pounds and Matt weighed in at 134, a 171-pound difference.

Calling It Quits?

Mikita Anttonen, a sports bettor and poker player, literally put his poker career on the line in one of the strangest prop bets ever. In a rather straightforward bankroll bet, he has until early 2018 to turn €500 into €10,000 playing multi-table tournaments online.

Terms of the Bet

  • Must be completed within 120 days
  • Can only play poker during 100 of those days
  • Must stream at least 16 days of play online
  • All games played must be MTT’s

What’s unusual are the stakes. If he doesn’t succeed, not only will he lose an undisclosed sum that he assures us will put him into bankruptcy, but also he promises to quit poker forever.

Jon Sofen
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Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


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That last one from Mika Anttonen really shocked me !!!!
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