Former NBA’er Charles Oakley Banned from Vegas Casino for Cheating at Ultimate Texas Hold’em Game

August 6th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Charles Oakley has joined OJ Simpson on the list of former athletes banned from the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino in Las Vegas. The long-time New York Knicks forward was caught on video three times allegedly cheating the casino in an Ultimate Texas Hold’em table game.

Charles Oakley Cosmopolitan cheating

Former NBA basketball player Charles Oakley was banned from the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas for allegedly cheating the casino in Ultimate Texas Hold’em. (Image:

The Cosmopolitan isn’t the only property that has banned Oakley. The “Oak Tree” has also been 86’ed from the New York arena where he played basketball for 11 seasons. The NBA veteran was banned after getting into a physical altercation with arena security during a 2017 Knicks game, although that one-year suspension is set to expire this week.

He won’t be allowed to return to the Cosmopolitan any time soon though, if ever. Not after allegedly cheating the casino on three different occasions.

Banned for Cheating

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Oakley was arrested at the casino on July 8 and charged with felony fraud for attempting to cheat the house. On one occasion, he is alleged to have pulled a $100 chip back after realizing he was going to lose the hand. On two other occasions, he is accused of adding $125 to a bet after winning the hand.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a popular poker-themed table game played against the house. Three community cards are dealt face-up along with two face-down cards to the player and dealer. After the player sees their cards, they can decide to check or raise the bet and then the dealer flips over the community cards.

If the player’s five-card poker hand beats the dealer, the player wins. If not, the house scoops the pot. Oakley is accused of attempting to sneak additional chips when the dealer wasn’t looking in hands he won and removing a chip late in a hand he lost. It is illegal to cheat the house and could be punishable by fines and prison sentences.

In the old days of Las Vegas, back when the mob ran the town, casinos were known to cut off fingers and knock people out for cheating.

Fortunately, for Oakley, the felony charges have since been reduced to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct which is likely to amount to a small fine and a scolding. But he can no longer visit the Cosmopolitan, a casino he’s spent nearly 120 hours playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Basketball Troublemaker?

Oakley has been the center of controversy ever since his rookie year with the Chicago Bulls in 1985-1986. He was considered one of the NBA’s “bad boys” during the 1980s and 1990s for his physical style of play.

“Oak” wasn’t one to shy away from a confrontation on the court and was often the instigator of brawls. After the 1980s Detroit Pistons, the team known as the “bad boys,” faded into oblivion, the Knicks took over as the NBA’s dirtiest team thanks in large part to Oakley’s rough play and sometimes violent behavior.

Now, apparently, he’s still playing dirty, just in a different game. Old habits never die.

7 Responses to “Former NBA’er Charles Oakley Banned from Vegas Casino for Cheating at Ultimate Texas Hold’em Game”

  1. mackmasterss says:

    Excellent, they should sanction any person who cheats in the games regardless of whether he is famous or is a professional poker player, this sanction is exemplary and at the same time it is a warning that cheats will be caught, the security of the casino made a good I work catching this cheater and this news should be shared in all the poker panes of the world so that another person does not try again, and I hope this man does not let him enter any casino in the US

  2. vovqa93 says:

    Lol. It is really funny, when I imagine his actions. But if we think about it, does that ammount of money that he pulled back by that chip was worth to do it? Looks like maybe some personal harrasment was at the table or something else, his action just don’t make any sense imo.

  3. MasterOfDisaster says:

    Like casino’s in general are or were the most trustfull companies around

  4. ScooperNova says:

    Dude has no scruples and never did. Don’t they put regular joes in jail for this?

  5. VerSuKa says:

    I believe he fully deserved this punishment because unfair play in any sport is a sign of a bad sportsman

  6. tagece says:

    What an idiot! He really thought that he was playing a home game where nobody would notice his cheat attempt?
    The way one play any game talks a lot about his personality. If he is dishonest in this situations, you can’t really trust this guy.

  7. Paya_31 says:

    It’s amazing what I read in this article, I think very dishonest part of Charles Oakley, very well punished not being able to visit this casino, the truth that if huviesen once been the sanction would have been different. I hope you change your attitude Oakley friend.

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