Poker League of Nations Collaborates with Non-Profit to Host Online Charity Poker Event

In collaboration with the CHEST Foundation, the Poker League of Nations will participate in an online charity poker event on Aug. 26 to honor the memory of an avid poker player, Irv Feldman, who passed away in 2013 from pulmonary fibrosis.

Irv Feldman charity poker

No disease could keep Irv Feldman away from the poker table. (Image: Feldman Family Foundation)

Pulmonary fibrosis attacks the lungs and, over time, patients become progressively shorter of breath. Feldman bravely fought the lung disease for eight years. During that battle, his passion for the game of poker never wavered.

As such, Lena Evans and her women’s poker organization are gearing up for an online charity event to honor the late poker fan, and to raise money for pulmonary fibrosis treatment and the Buy-a-Mask, Give-a-Mask campaign whose goal is to ensure everyone has access to face masks during the global health pandemic.

The CHEST Foundation, a non-profit specializing in lung health clinical research, and the Feldman Family Foundation, in collaboration with Evans’ PLON group, are taking to the virtual felt to raise money for a good cause.

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The Feldman Family Foundation hosts an annual charity tournament in Illinois to raise money to help those fighting pulmonary fibrosis. Feldman loved Texas Hold’em and used the game as his own way of fighting the deadly disease. Even during his final months, he still found time to play cards with his family.

A Safe Alternative During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, live poker can be a bit risky. Thus, the need for an online event on Aug. 26 on the Faded Spade app — no download required. Cards will be in the air at 5 pm PT, and the admission fee is $100. Rebuys, paid after the completion of the event, also cost $100. Add-ons are also available for another $100, and worth 10,000 additional chips.

Nine lucky players will win prizes, with the top spot earning a $5,000 gift card. Eight other players will win prizes ranging from $100 to $750 in gift cards. Play is expected to last approximately 3 1/2 hours.

Evans’ group is also assisting the CHEST Foundation raise money via donations through PLONcares, a non-profit organization that promotes female empowerment through mind sports.

Poker League of Nations is the largest women’s poker organization in the world. Non-profits, such as CHEST Foundation, are near and dear to Evans’ heart. She previously suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis, which taught her about lung conditions.

““I was made aware of the CHEST Foundation through a good friend who is a Fellow of the College of Chest Physicians, is a cardiologist and critical care specialist,” the PLON founder said. “As a result of my understanding about the need for more research related to lung conditions, I immediately had a personal desire to support the CHEST Foundation — which is why I have mobilized my network to get behind the CHEST Foundation and Feldman Family Foundation virtual poker event.”

Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


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