CardsChat Steps into Online Education with 30-Day Poker Course

Welcome to poker bootcamp.

In April, CardsChat introduced a new interactive online course to help members master fundamentals of the game—and do so in just a month. Diligent students from the first group of signups are just finishing the program and reporting back to fellow forum members.

Colin Moshman and Katie Dozier

Sit-n-go experts Collin Moshman and Katie Dozier turn their living room into a classroom for the CardsChat community. (Image: YouTube)

Led by CardsChat Ambassador pros Collin Moshman and Katie Dozier, “Become a Winning Poker Player in 30 Days” is a MasterClass-style seminar available for free to all CardsChat members.

The course presents a video lesson a day, which goes along with a corresponding chapter in the accompanying ebook. The videos run mostly between 10 and 15 minutes as Moshman and Dozier walk students through game situations. Using examples from their own poker sessions, the two discuss both fundamentals and advanced play.

“Our intended audience is the player who needs some help on key concepts like pot odds and equity, but they love poker and want to learn,” Moshman says.

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“The biggest weakness of beginning players is becoming overwhelmed with how to go about improving,” Dozier says. “That’s part of why we made this course, because we feel it answers the question of how to become a winning poker player.”

“The biggest weakness of most beginner poker players is not value betting enough,” says Moshman.

Poker Family

Throughout the course, this husband-and-wife team banter like, well, a married couple — debating tactics and strategies in ways that only two people who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses can.

The two met at Florida State University where Dozier was an undergrad and Moshman was pursuing a master’s degree. They got married in 2009 and have two children, ages 3 and 4 months.

Moshman turned an honors degree in theoretical mathematics into almost $3 million in online cashes. In 2007, he wrote Sit ‘n Go Strategy and, with Dozier in 2013, Sit & Go 2.0.

Winning Poker in 30 DaysBecome a Winning Poker Player in 30 Days: Quick Tips

* If you’re not sure what the correct play is, then you should c-bet instead of check

* Play a draw passively if you have little or no fold equity

* A huge part of winning at poker is simply making the best hand and betting it

Become a WPP in 30 Days is Moshman’s 6th poker book, and the third he’s co-authored with Dozier. (The two also wrote a murder-mystery novel together, The Superuser.)

Dozier’s creds come from playing more than 100,000 online poker tournaments, earning her more than $1 million in online cashes while achieving one of the highest ROI’s ever in nine-player super turbos.

Lessons for Everyone

Their first lesson — The Power of Position — sets the tone. Other chapters, to give you an idea of what a month with Moshman and Dozier would cover, include The Benefits of Aggression, Should You C-bet?, the Art of Bluffing, the Underrated Mental Game, and What is ICM? 

They explain why calling is a passive action, but checking and folding are neutral.  The two contend this course has the ability to refine players’ thinking at all levels.

Overall, the curriculum is technical and fine-tuned. There are homework questions about pot odds, thinking in ranges, value betting, and game selection. A calculator is recommended.

“Our goal is to have passionate players become winners in their home games, local casino daily tournaments, micro-stakes online games, or anywhere they enjoy playing the most,” Moshman says.

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