Bill Perkins Teases Major Poker Cheating Scandal, Waiting to Release Details

Bill Perkins dropped a bombshell on the poker community without releasing details. The high-stakes player teased on Twitter a potential major poker cheating scandal that he has knowledge of. But he’s leaving the public hanging, for now.

Bill Perkins poker cheating scandal

Bill Perkins seems to know details about a major poker cheating scandal. (Image:

This is a developing story. When more details are available, we’ll let you know. For now, all we have on this story is a pair of tweets from the Thirst Lounge founder. Perkins first fired off a confusing tweet on Saturday evening, suggesting he has details on a major scandal.

Mike Postle is currently facing a $10 million lawsuit for allegedly cheating his opponents out of hundreds of thousands of dollars during numerous Stones Live streams from 2018-2019. If what Perkins said is accurate, the new scandal will put that alleged incident to shame.

Poker fans on Twitter immediately began speculating on who is involved in the new supposed poker cheating scandal. We don’t know specifically who Perkins is accusing of cheating, but we know it isn’t Jason Koon.

I have been permission to say that @JasonKoon was the pro who was tempted and acted in integrity. I’ve always liked Jason and now I love him. So you can stop speculating about him. I’m still in investigative mode and not ready to discuss. As I said hard to wrap my head around,” Bill Perkins wrote in a follow-up tweet.

We’ll keep you updated with all the details when they become available.

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Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


Nunayu Biniz wrote...

This, is the reason I stopped following social media! This vague fucking shit just to get attention! Don’t fucking bring it up until you’re ready to talk about it you attention whore!


Nick m wrote...

Nunuya is probably one of the cheaters who is pissed his pay day is over. Their are so many cheating devices I cant see how it’s not illegal to have any electronics at the table because literally a watch can be programmed to read the cards and look for imperfections in them essentially telling you your opponents hand. Poker has been dead for 10 years

Wantbread wrote...

Bringing it up without releasing the info is like waiting for hush money!


Thebunny wrote...

Bill has a reputation as a stand-up guy that doesn’t covet the limelight.

A ” look at me” move would be very out of character. Also why it’s getting so much attention.


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